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#bdw12 #VIDEO Francesco D’Orazio – 10 reasons why we visualize data

Francesco D’Orazio, CIO FACE, – captures the attention of the #bdw12 audience with a great session on “10 reasons why we visualize data”. Face is the co-creation agency. We help brands to stay ahead by doing things with people rather than at them. We use a mix of cutting edge methodologies and proprietarytools to enable the direct and active involvement of consumers with brands to deliver a range of insights, brand and innovation objectives. Find out more at Andy rubin, who worked at apple in the early nineties, co-founded danger, sold it to microsoft, and later co-founded android and sold it to google in 2005.

#bdw12 Paul Gesiak “Data Visualisation”

Paul Gesiak from DataSift talks about data visualisation from a social data perspective. DataSift was founded by Nick Halstead to help organizations improve their understanding and use of Social Media. DataSift is focused on producing state-of-the-art data-filtering technology and driving innovation in Big Data. DataSift started its life as an offshoot from TweetMeme, the highly popular Twitter news feed service. After witnessing how quickly Social Media impacted organizations, Nick Halstead set out to create a platform to help companies manage Social Media and capitalise on the insights to be found within the data. essays online.

#bdw12 Jairam Chandar “Hadoop at DataSift”

Jairam Chandar from DataSift talkin “Hadoop at DataSift” The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage. Rather than rely on hardware to deliver high-avaiability, the library itself is designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer, so delivering a highly-availabile service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which may be prone to failures. Find out more about Hadoop It also allows you to invite colleagues to view and collaborate privately, engage in find homework help for other conversations […] Continue Reading

#bdw12 – Big Data Week – “Data Visualization London” – Ben Hagan

www.bigdataweek   Big Data presentation from Ben Hagan talking about D3 – Visualising the Real Time Firehose using d3.js For anonymous and free accounts there is a set expiry time after uploading to give you enough time to share the content you wish to share and try out the check this write my essay for me service.

#bdw12 – Big Data Week Community Meetup

This was the largest community meetups in London in 2012 with over 300 attendees from all the data communities, it was a great evening of debate, drinks and people meeting new acquaintances. Doug Cutting, co-founder of the Apache Hadoop project and creator of Nutch and Lucene Nick Halstead – Founder/CTO DataSift Hilary Mason — Chief Scientist Andy Kirk — Visualising Data Edd Dumbill — Program Chair Strata Conference — Moderator   my homework help substantial link.

#bdw12 Andy Kirk: visualising the journey

  This is a interview with Andy Kirk from, as part of the Big Data Week Interview series. For many, what is known as “data visualisation” is a relatively new phenomenon. Deriving from a virtuous circle of the familiarity of Excel and the ability to create sophisticated graphics from a mass-market computer, the concept is becoming increasingly engrained into popular culture. Where visualsing data was once the domain of the Open University after midnight on BBC2, it’s now prevalent across newspapers (often in double-page spreads) and, of course, in the hyper-realism of television news. There are many theoretical ingredients involved in the production data visualisation. One is, of course, the ability to produce clear, understandable graphical forms. Another is […] Continue Reading

#bdw12 What was it all about?

“It’s all about Big Data” we promised, and for one week in April, that was certainly the case. From almost any angle of computing – technical, managerial, theoretical, artistic – data has never enjoyed so much attention. With attention comes caution – “How do we manage so much stuff?” – and, thankfully, Big Data Week kept one eye on these pressing, contemporary issues as well as the other firmly focussed on the future. The cornerstone of the week was the Data Science Hackathon: the World Tour of hackdays, if you will. Taking place across 48 hours in three continents, a phenomenal 114 project submissions were made. Given that this was a Hack with big data, the 48 hours certainly appear […] Continue Reading

#bdw12 Data Science Hackathon Winner

              James Patterson is the official winner of the Data Science Hackathon organised by Data Science London in conjunction with Big Data Week. Having worked through 24 hours over 150 participants submitted their final entries and it James was declared the official winner. – I’m a research engineer at NICTA – I live in Canberra, ACT, Australia – I am 37 years old – I recently finished my PhD in machine learning at ANU (thesis submitted, waiting for reviews) – in the past I worked as a software engineer in the telecom industry for 10+ years   With contestants across three continents it was a hard fought battle, involving coffee, drinks and snacks below […] Continue Reading

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