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We did it! 27 Cities, 190 events, 20,000+ participants

The Big Data Week community are exceptionally happy to have successfully designed and curated the second edition of Big Data Week. One of the most unique global platforms of interconnected community events focusing on the social, political, technological and commercial impacts of Big Data. It brings together a global community of data scientists, data technologies, data visualisers and data businesses spanning six major commercial, financial, social and technological sectors. The 2013 festival ran from 22-28 April across 27 Cities, hosting over 190 events and attracting over 20,000 participants globally. Our friends at Bloom agency have produced this fabulous infographic and whitepaper for the media140 team to illustrate how many conversations and connections where made during the festival. Want to know […] Continue Reading

When Tweets Start to Tweet

We’re fast approaching a time when it becomes possible to connect everything and everyone to the internet. A web of connected documents and sites, of devices, of machines, of networks. A place where everything is connected to everything. We’re fast approaching a time when it becomes possible to connect everyone to everyone.    Affordable, ubiquitous, on-when-you-want compute power, communications capability and storage will soon be in everyone’s hands. Literally. And not just in their hands. On their wrists. In front of their eyes. As part of their clothes. Everywhere. In everything. We’re fast approaching a time when everything’s connected. The Internet of Everything. This goes well beyond people and devices and documents and machines. It’s about a time when every car […] Continue Reading

A BIG Data Week in Malaysia

Asia: a huge, diverse, and rapidly changing society. One could even say it has high volume, variety, and velocity. Here in Malaysia we value a good technology festival, and we’ve been discussing Big Data for at least a year (the veracity of this claim is backed up by the list of previous Big Data Malaysia meetups, which is by no means the only local group discussing these issues). Now that I’ve paid nominal (and perhaps somewhat cheeky) obligatory homage to the 3+2Vs of Big Data, let’s get on with what actually happened during Big Data Week 2013 in Kuala Lumpur. But first, a disclaimer: although the official partner city was Kuala Lumpur, it would be more accurate to say that […] Continue Reading

Big Data: Is History Repeating Itself?

Is it a leap forward helping the world to run smoothly on exabytes of unstructured, unprecedented levels of data? Or is Big Data a new buzz-word used by sales and marketing teams to persuade companies to buy multi-million pound IT platforms? If you ask me, history is repeating itself. I remember the birth of CRM and how the industry was split between IT companies and their solve-it-all multi-million pound databases, and the pointy heads claiming it was their domain. CRM turned out to be data driven marketing using IT as a tool, and eventually became the industry buzz-word of the ’90s. With this in mind, it is important that we monitor how the conversation around Big Data evolves and monitor how […] Continue Reading

Big Data – The Challenges, Opportunities and Encounters

Ever had a data problem? Ever thought it was an insurmountable big wave? On 29th April…..just after Big Data Week, but still under the banner, panelists from iVEC, SGI, NextGen, and Landgate discussed, debated, reflected and advised on the challenges, opportunities and encounters of big data. No data set was excluded – no data set was too large, too small, too complex or too simple. The lively discussion tackled the “data deluge” and specifically asked if “the Petabyte was the new norm” and what is big data anyway? Big data seems to mean many things to many people. For example is big data only data greater than 1 petabyte in size? Or should big data be defined by the number […] Continue Reading

Is Big Data Big In The Boardroom?

Big data represents a significant paradigm shift in enterprise technology and stands to transform much of what the modern enterprise is today. Digital data is everywhere and global data is growing at 40% per year. Companies across the world are capturing vast amounts of information about their customers, suppliers and operations. Some companies claim to have big data collection and analysis in their DNA and have built a separate strategy around this. Others say they recognise that big data is part of a larger total data management function and are looking to incorporate relevant tools and practices throughout the business to manage big data as well as enterprise and discrete data. Yet the question remains – to what extent has […] Continue Reading

Rise Of The Machines – Why Big Data Is Getting Bigger Every Day

Hundreds of terabytes. That’s the amount of Big Data being generated by multi-national corporations, every day. While terrifying for some, others see it as an opportunity to fundamentally transform how their organisations operate and make decisions. According to Gartner, Big Data is forecast to drive $34 billion of IT spending in 2013. But what most people think of when they hear the term ‘Big Data’ almost certainly isn’t what I’m talking about. What many organisations still regard as Big Data – unstructured information contained in emails, electronic documents, social media interactions etc – is just a thin layer in the vast strata of data available to them. In our mobile, time-precious world, the new frontier in Big Data analytics is […] Continue Reading

Order in Chaos

Big Data is ramping up to be a big business opportunity with companies on average doubling the amount of data they create every two years, and estimated to spend $120bn globally on data analytics software between now and 2015, according to IDC. Hype surrounding Big Data is at an all-time high as companies look to address the increasing volume, variety and velocity in electronic information. Traditional relational databases are becoming less useful and relevant as more ad hoc information is being created outside of those systems. But, while Business Intelligence (BI) tools have been around for a while to extract value from relational databases, few companies currently have the technology in place to apply the same degree of sophistication to […] Continue Reading

Navigating The Big Data Ups And Downs With Exploration And Discovery

Some people seem conflicted about big data at the moment.  On the one hand, excitement about the benefits of big data is at an all-time high. In the Analytics 2013 survey of 600 analytic professionals showed that 35% of companies were expanding their analytic investments because of big data.  Big data represents a world of opportunities to take advantage of our ability to measure just about anything and a wealth of new data sources including machine generated data and unstructured data sources.  On the other hand though, I’m starting to hear more skepticism.  I was recently asked, “Why is everyone so grumpy about big data?”  That question led to a discussion and white paper about the challenges some have had […] Continue Reading

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