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Interview with Jonny Voon, Lead Technologist Innovate UK – IoT, Cyber Security and Blockchain

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  Jonny shares his thoughts about the impact of big data in the IoT field, offering a sneak peek into his talk at Big Data in use Conference, where he will cover the challenges that our cities face when it comes to enabling and emerging new technologies. Why is it important for both private and public sector organisations to be more data driven nowadays? Data allows us to understand and rationalize decisions that might be seen as irrational. For example a city deciding to put a pedestrian crossing on a road that causes long traffic delays could use data to help understand the usage of the crossing and vehicle emissions […] Continue Reading

Interview with Neil Avery from Excelian

This article takes part from the interview series with our speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week. Enjoy Neil’s thoughts on big data. While Big Data is already a buzz term, what does it actually mean for you? (an old question with a fresh answer) Big Data is a Phenomenon. Since the ‘hype cycle’ has subsided it is now leaking its way into every nook and cranny of our daily lives. The world has changed because of Big Data; it will continue to change in even more radical ways. Spark and SparkSQL are the ‘ODBC of Big Data which really opens out most platforms to become much more heterogeneous without the integration pain. Graph is the next frontier that is […] Continue Reading

Interview with Andy Cotgreave from Tableau

Andy Cotgreave is one of the speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week Conference. This article opens a series of interviews with Big Data Week Conference speakers. “You’ve got your insight data, now what?” Definition of Big Data? –  A continuation of the norm and a 100 years old problem Big Data means anything to anybody specially if you are like me, in marketing department. In 2015 we have more data then before and more technology then we had before, but those are a still a little behind where we want to take it. According to a 1914 data visualization book “million of dollars are spent each year in the complexion of data with the assumption that having the data […] Continue Reading

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