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Interview With Jane Zavalishina from Yandex Data Factory

This article takes part from the interview series with our speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week. Forget Big Data, Think Machine Learning – Yandex Data Factory CEO, Jane Zavalishina, will be on November 25th on Big Data Week stage talking about how machine learning can be applied in different industries – including retail, advertising, gaming – and guide on where to start and how to incorporate these new technologies in the business strategies.   Built upon the real-time personalisation and predictive analytics technology of parent company, Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia, Yandex Data Factory helps clients improve their business and deliver measurable results through the exploitation of their own data. They offer Saas – driven […] Continue Reading

Inside Big Data Week Chicago 2014: How Narrative Science Is Helping Make Google Analytics Easier to Understand

At 12:40 pm on May 8th, Margaret Jastrebski, Vice-President of Product Management for Narrative Science will talk about Quill Engage, a new free application to help marketers quickly extract insight from their Google Analytics data. Powered by Narrative Science’s proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Quill™, Quill Engage analyzes Google Analytics data and creates easy-to-understand reports, written in plain English, which are automatically generated on a weekly and monthly basis. We asked Margaret few questions about Quill Engage, Narrative Science, and what Big Data Week viewers will learn from her talk. Q:  I’m not sure if the average marketer understands, but Google Analytics is a valuable source of Big Data.  There are many sources for help in understanding this data.  What makes […] Continue Reading

Inside Big Data Week Chicago 2014: A Practical Look at Self-tracking, Wearable Technology, and the Quantified Self

At 11: 10 am on May 7th, Eugene Granovsky is ready to help the public at large understand more about the idea of Quantified Self, wearable technology, and it’s affect on us.  His Big Data Week presentation, “The Quantified Self World From an Individual’s Perspective” will explore these issues, which range from the lifetime value of tracking to the lack of accurate data. As the number of QS products and services explode, both the research and entrepreneur communities are still largely ignoring a number of core tracking issues. Granovsky will look at the issues individuals face within self-tracking. There are a number of major ones, such as the lack of accuracy of these devices, the surprisingly small lifetime value of […] Continue Reading

Inside Big Data Week Chicago 2014: How Big Data Ensures the Right Person Gets the Right Message at the Right Time

At 1:40pm on May 7th, James O’Hara, Vice-president and co-founder of Extended Data Solutions, will discuss how data drives variable video messaging.  His company provides the PersoniCom™ variable media services that deliver a highly personalized video or voice message unique to each recipient. Variable Video Messaging is the delivery of personalized and/or highly targeted, one-to-one video messages to customers, consumers, registered users, shareholders or any end-user message recipient. By leveraging best Big Data practices in the application of variable video messaging, organizations can deliver the right information, to the right individual at the right time. We asked him a few questions about PersoniCom variable media messaging, his company, and what Big Data Week viewers will learn from his presentation. Q:  […] Continue Reading

Inside Big Data Week Chicago 2014: The New Big Data Choice–Enterprise Data Hub vs. Legacy Data Warehouse

At 12:10 pm on Thursday May 8, 2014, Dr. Phil Shelley, President of Newton Park Partners LLC (NPP) will present “The Enterprise Data Hub, an Emerging Concept.” Dr. Shelley will discuss how to establish an Enterprise Data Hub and how to move from legacy to noSQL, Hadoop and other new analytics tools; bringing real-time and near real-time analytics with new approaches to data management. We asked him a few questions about NPP, why choose a data hub over a traditional data warehouse, and what viewers will learn from his presentation. Q:  Tell us more about Newton Park Partners.  What is your mission? We aim to bring our considerable experience and knowledge of the Hadoop-based data hub model to enterprises ready […] Continue Reading

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