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How Can Marketing Agencies Take Advantage of Business Data?

The term “big data” is a phrase born of this century, but the concept isn’t revolutionary. Modern businesses of all sizes already generate data on a daily basis from a variety of sources, including CRM systems, ERP systems, and social media. The primary challenge for most businesses is finding a way to harvest the relevant data from this wealth of available information and using it to provide actionable insights. Marketing is one area that can dramatically benefit from big data analysis. Data-Driven Marketing can improve customer relationships, create a one-to-one conversation between buyer and seller, and drive customer engagement and sales. With data-driven marketing, marketers can deliver the best possible message to the right people at the right time. What is Data-Driven […] Continue Reading

Data Governance And Social Media: First Things First

The power of social media as a business tool is rapidly proving its worth, time and time again, despite a few lingering skeptics who would question its value. Furthermore, in the world of business intelligence (BI), social media tools offer myriad new resources for companies looking to gather information about their clients and develop a holistic viewpoint of each customer, which will ultimately help them improve products, service and the customers’ overall experience. Indeed, social media can deliver huge BI value to corporations. But there’s also a flip side to consider. When not properly approached, defined and executed, social media can pose serious challenges to the business, its reputation and risk brand damage. Only doing half measures when it comes […] Continue Reading

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Data?

Why are so many organisations so terrified of data and refuse to see the benefits it can bring? ‘Big data’ is now a common term, but traditionally, the treatment of the flow of information within an organisation has been comparable to that of a piece of radioactive material.  Not only has it been quarantined and isolated in the IT department, but access to it has typically been limited to only one individual – the data scientist – who is deemed to be the only person qualified enough to handle it. The truth is that although most businesses are keen to understand how they can use the data more widely, the vast majority are still terrified by its complexity. As a […] Continue Reading

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