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What are the 6 Essential Qualities of a Great Data Scientist?

You’re looking for a data scientist and the resumes are pouring in. Most of the job candidates have the hard skills it takes to succeed: strong technical skills, a solid mathematical background, some programming knowledge, etc. — but it’s the soft skills that will set the successful data scientist apart from the unsuccessful one. What qualities are essential for filling your position? 1. A Love for Solving Problems

Becoming a Data Scientist: What a Data Scientist ISN’T

If you’re reading this you probably already have an inkling of what a data scientist is. Have you ever considered what a data scientist isn’t? According to Vincent Granville, author of Developing Analytic Talent: Becoming a Data Scientist, data scientists are: Not statisticians Not data analysts Not computer scientists Not software engineers Not business analysts Data scientists do have some knowledge in each of these areas but also some outside of these areas. NEITHER STATISTICIANS NOR DATA ANALYSTS: One reason the gap between statisticians and data scientists has grown over the last 15 years is that academic statisticians, who publish theoretical articles (sometimes not based on data analysis) and train statisticians, are… not statisticians anymore. Also, many statisticians think that […] Continue Reading

Becoming A Data Scientist: Corporate and Association Training Programs

A few universities and other organizations have started to offer data science degrees, training, and certificates. Conferences and competitions also exist for people serious about adding credentials as data scientists. Corporate and Association Training Programs, Conferences and Competitions Both private companies and professional organizations offer certifications or training. Here are a few of them: INFORMS (Operations Research Society): Analytics certificate Digital Analytics Association: certificate TDWI (The Data Warehousing Institute): Courses; focus is on database architecture American Statistical Association: Chartered statistician certificate Data Science Central: Data science apprenticeship International Institute for Analytics: More like a think tank. Founded by the famous Tom Davenport (visiting Harvard Professor and one of the fathers of data science) Statistics courses Fees range from below […] Continue Reading

Who’s Afraid Of The Big, Bad Data?

Why are so many organisations so terrified of data and refuse to see the benefits it can bring? ‘Big data’ is now a common term, but traditionally, the treatment of the flow of information within an organisation has been comparable to that of a piece of radioactive material.  Not only has it been quarantined and isolated in the IT department, but access to it has typically been limited to only one individual – the data scientist – who is deemed to be the only person qualified enough to handle it. The truth is that although most businesses are keen to understand how they can use the data more widely, the vast majority are still terrified by its complexity. As a […] Continue Reading

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