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Remote DBA Experts Explain the Impact of Big Data on Database Management

Remote DBA Experts Explain the Impact of Big Data on Database Management by Sujain Thomas from Remotedba Data management has always been part of organizational management. However, with the advent of new data collection and retrieval technologies over the last two decades, the amount of data being generated is in greater volumes and much more diverse. Systems such as RDBMS which had dominated the landscape for decades are now falling by the wayside to give way to NewSQL and NoSQL among others. Data generation today is in virtually every aspect of life from banking, healthcare and education to social life. As an organization with an online presence, data management is no longer a competency but a differentiator that determines winners […] Continue Reading

The Differences Between SQL And NoSQL Training

Why Switch? Making the decision to switch from traditional relational databases to NoSQL will depend on a few factors. The rise of Big Data will certainly play a role for many businesses, but there are many other reasons as well. There are certain scenarios where NoSQL provides advantages that would be hard to get from RDBMS. Some NoSQL deployment examples include building applications for content management and managing user data, to name a few. Companies looking for a scalable and affordable method of managing databases have begun to realize that non-relational NoSQL databases are the way to go. This isn’t necessarily to say that RDBMS are completely dead, because many companies still use them and may refuse to ever switch. […] Continue Reading

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