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#bdw12 – Big Data Week Community Meetup

This was the largest community meetups in London in 2012 with over 300 attendees from all the data communities, it was a great evening of debate, drinks and people meeting new acquaintances. Doug Cutting, co-founder of the Apache Hadoop project and creator of Nutch and Lucene Nick Halstead – Founder/CTO DataSift Hilary Mason — Chief Scientist Andy Kirk — Visualising Data Edd Dumbill — Program Chair Strata Conference — Moderator   my homework help substantial link.

#bdw12 What was it all about?

“It’s all about Big Data” we promised, and for one week in April, that was certainly the case. From almost any angle of computing – technical, managerial, theoretical, artistic – data has never enjoyed so much attention. With attention comes caution – “How do we manage so much stuff?” – and, thankfully, Big Data Week kept one eye on these pressing, contemporary issues as well as the other firmly focussed on the future. The cornerstone of the week was the Data Science Hackathon: the World Tour of hackdays, if you will. Taking place across 48 hours in three continents, a phenomenal 114 project submissions were made. Given that this was a Hack with big data, the 48 hours certainly appear […] Continue Reading

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