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Understand Real Life Challenges from Big Data

Guest post by Herman Morgan, Business Analyst at  The digital world is already growing at its pace and so does the volume of the data. There is a tremendous amount of data generated every day from various digital sources. Depending on its volume, velocity, veracity, and variety it becomes difficult to analyze such massive data. However, many tools and techniques are available for getting an optimized search from the data. Big Data is not only applicable to the huge enterprises but it is also useful in other sectors as well. Courtesy – Image Let us dive deep into these sectors to find out how they have gained more benefits out of Big Data.   Banking and Finance In this […] Continue Reading

Look Who’s Doing Big Data in Nova Scotia: Matt Hunter, Health Outcomes Worldwide

What kind of data are you working with? Our data primarily describes wound care. Our clients record various metrics relating to wounds, and the treatments of those wounds. What kinds of analytics are you using? We use a custom reporting system to help our clients identify trends and/or issues with wound care. What are the problems your company is interested in solving? We strive to improve the quality and efficiency of wound care by identifying issues in the data. The traditional method of recording all of this data on paper charts makes it hard or impossible to derive conclusions from that data over time. By making it as-easy-as-paper for nurses to collect this data electronically, we can provide deep insights […] Continue Reading

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