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Why Organizing Your Big Data is Important

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data takes into account all of the many things that need to be measured or monitored, and many organizations find it hard to manage such massive data. Additionally, the amount of data being captured, replicated, or stored is way too high, and measures should be in place to ensure that everything doesn’t blow out of proportion. It’s therefore important for organizations to come up with creative approaches that can corral and optimize their data. A lot of organizations also think that they can do away with big data by discarding the always increasing amount of storage. They would even go ahead and buy additional storage capacity every year that can only result in inflated costs […] Continue Reading

The Connected Society

In May 2014, Big Data Week will launch the third edition of the festival with a narrative that will bring together the many strands and domains of data into an umbrella theme: ‘The Connected Society’. Data connects people and society. It’s the backbone of our economies, smarter cities and healthier and better informed citizens. It can help shape our future – Big Data Week will explore three themes across a week of events in 40 cities discovering and sharing new ideas and technologies that will shape our future in 2014 and beyond with a mixture of workshops, discussions and examining real world use cases across three continents. Internet of Things We’ll explore the Internet of Things (IoT) a trend that […] Continue Reading

Quantifying H(app)iness – How Big Data Is Defining Well-Being

The H(app)athon Project is an initiative that began in October of 2012 with a goal of quantifying happiness. I wrote an article on Mashable called, The Value of a Happiness Economy that compared Quantified Self, The Internet of Things (including Big Data) and Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness that provided a solution to improve well-being around the world – have a hackathon for happiness, or a H(app)athon. The role of Big Data around the world to gauge happiness is growing by leaps and bounds. Just two weeks ago, Michael Porter from the Harvard Business School launched the Social Progress Index which focuses on measurements associated with well-being. Apps like Happier and Moodscope let people measure and record their mood or well-being on […] Continue Reading

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