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Are We Stuck At Big Data Base Camp?

Big Data. It’s been the subject on businesses’ lips for some time now due to its potential to improve performance across the board, delivering better results and increasing revenues. This is an unprecedented opportunity in today’s tough economic times, so why haven’t we seen more businesses shouting about the benefits they’ve seen on their Big Data journeys? Is it simply a case of businesses keeping their cards close to their chest as they work to steal a march on competitors? Or perhaps organisations still haven’t rolled out their Big Data projects so have nothing to shout about? Research from Oracle and Quocirca revealed that only an elite group of businesses fully understand the concept of Big Data in Europe and […] Continue Reading

The Differences Between SQL And NoSQL Training

Why Switch? Making the decision to switch from traditional relational databases to NoSQL will depend on a few factors. The rise of Big Data will certainly play a role for many businesses, but there are many other reasons as well. There are certain scenarios where NoSQL provides advantages that would be hard to get from RDBMS. Some NoSQL deployment examples include building applications for content management and managing user data, to name a few. Companies looking for a scalable and affordable method of managing databases have begun to realize that non-relational NoSQL databases are the way to go. This isn’t necessarily to say that RDBMS are completely dead, because many companies still use them and may refuse to ever switch. […] Continue Reading

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