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Big Data vs Small Data – An Analysis Of Its Latest News

Guest post by¬†Finnegan Pierson. One of the biggest news in the world of Big Data vs. Small Data today is the plan of China to establish a sort of social credit score where the government can rank its citizens based on their behavior, social actions and decision made online. In a document called “Planning Outline for The Construction of A Social Credit System,” China can encourage people to behave and do acts that will benefit the society. It is news like this that we can see the potential and future of Big Data. Whether you’re in the stream processing business or digital content business, you should understand the dynamics behind Big Data in order to adapt to your environment. Age […] Continue Reading

Big Data or Small Data: Which Holds the Keys to Effective Advertising?

If you spend much time in tech news journals or industry blogs, it’s easy to get the impression that you are the only business left on planet earth that isn’t using big data. Without it, your competitors are certain to overtake you in your sleep — most likely tonight — and you will probably go out of business within the quarter. Or, so they say. The reality is that while big data is important and is changing the way marketing and advertising are done, you aren’t sunk without it just yet. In fact, you may find that small data can do for your business what big data is doing for the big guys, at least for now. Plus, it’s an […] Continue Reading

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