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Interview with Andy Cotgreave from Tableau

Andy Cotgreave is one of the speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week Conference. This article opens a series of interviews with Big Data Week Conference speakers. “You’ve got your insight data, now what?” Definition of Big Data? –  A continuation of the norm and a 100 years old problem Big Data means anything to anybody specially if you are like me, in marketing department. In 2015 we have more data then before and more technology then we had before, but those are a still a little behind where we want to take it. According to a 1914 data visualization book “million of dollars are spent each year in the complexion of data with the assumption that having the data […] Continue Reading

Is Your Business Analytics Like Stonehenge or the Burning Man?

Photo Source: Flickr Stonehenge: just a bunch of rocks in a field by a busy road? Well no, it’s one of the most important and amazing historical sites in the world. But one thing it doesn’t do is change: it is a monolithic arrangement built long in the past to serve a purpose mostly forgotten. Contrast that with a modern equivalent: the Burning Man. At this Nevada festival, they build a huge effigy each year, only for it to be destroyed in front of a vibrant, engaged, creative audience. Build it. Enjoy it. Burn It. Rebuild it. Is your business analytics like Stonehenge or the Burning Man? Unfortunately, too many businesses have Stonehenge analytics. They do not change their analytics and […] Continue Reading

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