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Interview With Jane Zavalishina from Yandex Data Factory

This article takes part from the interview series with our speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week. Forget Big Data, Think Machine Learning – Yandex Data Factory CEO, Jane Zavalishina, will be on November 25th on Big Data Week stage talking about how machine learning can be applied in different industries – including retail, advertising, gaming – and guide on where to start and how to incorporate these new technologies in the business strategies.   Built upon the real-time personalisation and predictive analytics technology of parent company, Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia, Yandex Data Factory helps clients improve their business and deliver measurable results through the exploitation of their own data. They offer Saas – driven […] Continue Reading

6 Ways Big Data Will Revolutionize Advertising & Marketing in 2016

Big Data Week Conference: Big data players from retail, media, IoT, advertising, and gaming are coming together for one week full of events. Learn from industry leaders, attend meet-ups, webinars, and discuss the latest developments in the big data world. As 2015 winds down, it’s time to look ahead to next year and see what the wide world of big data and analytics has to offer advertising and marketing. From improving the customer experience to coping with more social media platforms and moving to the cloud — a lot is expected to happen in the year to come. 1. More Data is Out: Better Data is In Marketers and advertisers will shift their focus for 2016 away from simply getting […] Continue Reading

The Evolution of Big Data Ethics

Join Big Data Week Conference this year where Kenneth Cukier,  the Data Editor of The Economist will have a talk on “The new ethics of big data”. The overwhelming percentage of big data ethics discussions revolve around privacy matters. World governments, legal experts, cyber security specialists, and big data scientists have long discussions, debates, and discourses on how to protect individual privacy, consumer privacy, intellectual properties, and other elements of big data that hold powerful potential, yet threaten to expose our deepest, darkest secrets (as well as our social security numbers and ATM PIN numbers). But what if we scrapped this entire debate? What if we quit trying to protect the “individual’s privacy” and opened up the vast reservoirs of big […] Continue Reading

Interview with Simon Monk from Demand Finder

This article takes part from the interview series with our speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week. Read below Simon’s Monk from Demand Finder thoughts on big data. While Big Data is already a buzz term, what does it actually mean for you? (an old question with a fresh answer) By now most organisations have heard a great deal about Big Data and what benefits are potentially available to them. Now the biggest hurdle is where organisations can start in big data projects to drive real business outcomes. So for us, the goal is to help companies define business use cases, understand what they need to implement from a skills and technology perspective and build a roadmap based on […] Continue Reading

Interview with Andy Cotgreave from Tableau

Andy Cotgreave is one of the speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week Conference. This article opens a series of interviews with Big Data Week Conference speakers. “You’ve got your insight data, now what?” Definition of Big Data? –  A continuation of the norm and a 100 years old problem Big Data means anything to anybody specially if you are like me, in marketing department. In 2015 we have more data then before and more technology then we had before, but those are a still a little behind where we want to take it. According to a 1914 data visualization book “million of dollars are spent each year in the complexion of data with the assumption that having the data […] Continue Reading

Weathering the Storm of Retail Data – BrightTalk Webinar

Live online: Oct 21, 3:00 pm GMT We are going to have a great discussion with EBI Solutions during a BrgightTalk Webinar on Weathering the storm of retail data. The registration is free! The webinar will highlight the following: Whilst the analytical front end tools continue to become ever more capable, and data continues to be more widely sourced, preparing data still feels like the weak link in the chain; a lack of automation means tedious and time consuming down time for so many. In this webinar we explore how to take a structured, repeatable approach to data preparation and enrichment. Designed for the non-technical retail audience, the session will cover the principles of data preparation and the part it plays […] Continue Reading

Why attend Big Data Week conference “Big Data in Use”?

“Big Data in Use” conference brings together analytics & data executives and data scientists working in retail, e-Commerce & consumer goods, media, publishing, advertising, offering unique insights into the data innovations and new data business models that are driving these industries. Come and socialize with 350+ business and techie people. The conference will help: Business drivers understand & utilize data driven strategies and discover how their business could benefit from data; Data analysts share and discover industry related new examples; Business intelligence/ data warehouse professionals tap into what data analytics through “Data Analysts Workshop”. In the conference we will present: 1. New & innovative business models Honest Caffe case (brought by EBI Solutions): an unmanned cafe chain that shows how […] Continue Reading

Is Your Business Analytics Like Stonehenge or the Burning Man?

Photo Source: Flickr Stonehenge: just a bunch of rocks in a field by a busy road? Well no, it’s one of the most important and amazing historical sites in the world. But one thing it doesn’t do is change: it is a monolithic arrangement built long in the past to serve a purpose mostly forgotten. Contrast that with a modern equivalent: the Burning Man. At this Nevada festival, they build a huge effigy each year, only for it to be destroyed in front of a vibrant, engaged, creative audience. Build it. Enjoy it. Burn It. Rebuild it. Is your business analytics like Stonehenge or the Burning Man? Unfortunately, too many businesses have Stonehenge analytics. They do not change their analytics and […] Continue Reading

Are We Stuck At Big Data Base Camp?

Big Data. It’s been the subject on businesses’ lips for some time now due to its potential to improve performance across the board, delivering better results and increasing revenues. This is an unprecedented opportunity in today’s tough economic times, so why haven’t we seen more businesses shouting about the benefits they’ve seen on their Big Data journeys? Is it simply a case of businesses keeping their cards close to their chest as they work to steal a march on competitors? Or perhaps organisations still haven’t rolled out their Big Data projects so have nothing to shout about? Research from Oracle and Quocirca revealed that only an elite group of businesses fully understand the concept of Big Data in Europe and […] Continue Reading

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