Tips For Understanding The Consumer Trends

With an increase in competition for consumer satisfaction, customers are now defining the trends in all sectors. Comparing today’s dynamic business environment with the business environment from a decade ago, you will see a significant difference. A decade ago, organizations used to drive business decisions while today, consumer tastes and preferences are the leading drivers of decisions and innovations. With that said, it is essential for businesses to dig deeper and invest in understanding consumer trends for them to succeed. On the other end, online businesses are on the increase. To survive in the already concentrated online industry, you must understand consumer trends. Large corporations are utilizing big data sources to get critical information. Spark streaming programs are also gaining […] Continue Reading

Revolutionary Big Data Changes of 2017

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data entails large volumes of data that are analyzed computationally to show trends and pattern. It comprises 3Vs; enormous volumes of data, the velocity of processing data, and the broad variety of data categories. Big data originates from scientific experiments or business sale records. Big data has primarily transformed the business world in 2017. Dialogue with customers Big data allows you to engage with customers regarding your products. Consumers take time in purchasing products by shopping around and comparing with other brands. Big data enables you to profile the behavior of customers. As a result, you will have a real-time conversation with the consumers to gain their loyalty. Keeping data safe Big data tools are […] Continue Reading

Big Data Creates a Big Impact on Marketing

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Any business venture in existence won’t remain in existence unless it can generate sufficient revenue and profits. The two old standbys of marketing and sales support the generation of money into a company’s coffers. Attracting audiences to marketing strategies requires continually changing with the times. Otherwise, a business falls behind and cannot keep up with competitors. Potential customers can simply ignore a business that employs outdated marketing strategies. Currently, big data is poised to infuse huge changes into the way businesses conduct sales and marketing endeavors. This news should be taken as a positive. Those capable of harnessing changes and trends in big data can do so to their sales and marketing advantage. Big Data Helps […] Continue Reading

Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Quantum computers have far more computing power than even the most powerful classical computers. Therefore, they have the ability to advance artificial intelligence and make it more intelligent. Here are some ways that artificial intelligence will change as a result of quantum computing. Artificial Intelligence Will Be Able To “Remember” More Information Quantum computers use quarks as bits (also called qubits) instead of bits made of silicon. Qubits work very differently than silicon bits. Silicon bits can only code information in ones or zeros. Qubits can be in both positions simultaneously. This increases the storage capacity of quantum computers. The storage capacity of a quantum computer doubles each time the size of the drive increases by […] Continue Reading

How To Use Big Data To Achieve A Data-Driven Enterprise

As our world is built on information, we embrace this digital era. Bulk of data pours in every day, looking for someone to examine it. Earlier data was less in amount and well- structured that made its processing fairly easy but now sheer volume of data is available that is unstructured, raw and complex to manage to get valuable insights from it. Data wrangling plays a crucial role in gaining value out of data here. Social media platforms, smart technologies, gauges, sensors, mobile devices, texts, videos are some of the examples of data sources. As behaviors, personal habits, activities, and views are responsible for data production; it is likely to contain valuable and actionable insights that can feed decisions and […] Continue Reading

Prepare Your Organisation for Smooth AI Adoption – Whitepaper from InData Labs

Every new technology goes through an adoption cycle, either in a society or inside one particular organization. Whether the process goes smoothly or not, depends on company’s readiness to accept radical change. The transformation may seem complicated and unclear at first. However, it becomes substantially easier to adapt to change pursuing a number of preconditioned rules. InData Labs experts have a lot of experience and many years of practice in guiding companies within different industries through the process of AI-transformation. From the whitepaper, you will learn about the main barriers to AI technology adoption and the ways to overcome them. This whitepaper will: elaborate on the situations when data scientists are brought to the project too late or too early explain why […] Continue Reading

Become The Analyst Of The Future – Dataiku free guidebook

Sweeping trends are shaping the world of data and business analytics. New types of data, new tools, and new analytical methods are all pushing the jobs of analysts into new, exciting directions. If you’re an analyst, you couldn’t be in a better position. You have a wealth of options for you, so your dilemma is: how do I choose among all the options available to me? And how do I make sure my role evolves the way I’d like it to? Download this Dataiku guide and read about the three analyst roles of the future — and learn how to become each of them.

Will Big Data Impact Your Business? Here’s What You Should Know

To say that by Sujain Thomas.  Big data is the most hyped phrase in the business community today is an understatement. Everywhere you look, big data seems to be the topic, from online forums, business conferences, and webinars to the database sector. So popular is the phrase that as far back as 2012, the Global Language Monitor (GLM) rated it the most confounding word of the year. As a business owner in the contemporary environment, all this hype can be overwhelming and in the confusion, you might miss out on any potential benefits emanating from this concept. To survive in the modern business environment, you need to quickly adapt to emerging trends and concepts and today, big data seems to […] Continue Reading

Data IS the Consumer – Interview with Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe, Near

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe at Near, shares his thoughts on the AI revolution, how to leverage consumer data, and the major challenges encountered when a city decides to go smart. What are some of the major challenges when a city decides to go smart? One of the major challenges is dealing with outdated infrastructure. There needs to be concrete investment from both private organisations and government. The ecosystem around us is evolving and burgeoning with consumer data. Governments and urban planners could consider leveraging and analysing location data from mobile, wearables and other IoT devices to assess traffic movement – to decide where to widen lanes […] Continue Reading

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