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Posts tagged ‘big data’

4 New Big Data Security Worries

The past couple of years haven’t been easy ones for cyber security specialists, especially those charged with protecting the growing reservoirs of Big Data. The headlines featured more stories about data breaches than about most any other aspect of Big Data and related technologies — even though that time period marked some impressive improvements in terms of open source software, database technology, and the growing importance of the data scientist.


Can’t Land That Elusive Data Scientist? That’s Because You’re Going About It All Wrong

If you read the industry rags, you’ll start to believe that data scientists are rarer than diamonds, and more expensive, too. While they certainly aren’t in abundance, you can get a good data scientist if you’re willing to look, willing to pay for one, and a data scientist is actually what you need. Here’s everything you need to know before launching your next head-hunting campaign. Be Sure Your Organization is Ready for a Data Scientist


Why Open Source Rules the Roost in the Universe of Big Data

The most obvious reason to choose open source software is that it’s free. But for most businesses, especially enterprises, that isn’t as big a point as you might think. After all, most companies think little of dropping $50,000 to $100,000 (often more) on a great software package. Yet open source software dominates the realm of big data solutions, and, in fact, is making quite an impact across the arena of business and enterprise software. Why?


What Are the Differences Between a ‘Data Scientist’ and a ‘Data Engineer’ (and Which One Do You Need?)

As data becomes more important to doing business, companies are finding themselves in need of various data-related workers. Sometimes, the titles aren’t clear, and it’s difficult to determine whether you need a data scientist, a data engineer, or perhaps both. Here are the descriptions of each one, as well as where the two jobs overlap. Data Scientist

How Governments and Legislators are Grossly Misunderstanding Big Data (and Therefore, Messing Everything Up)

Ah, legislators. No matter which side of the pond they’re on, they somehow manage to misunderstand everything, and even when they do understand, still manage to mess things up. Since big data is poorly understood even among mainstream business folks, it’s not surprising that it’s misunderstood in places like Capitol Hill and Whitehall. Here’s how legislators worldwide are getting big data wrong, and making all the wrong decisions because of it. Legislators Don’t Understand Big Data Recently, lawmakers in ten U.S. states were asked what big data was. A couple thought it was just an effort to share information across agencies. Some thought it was the result of using state-of-the-art technology to turn vast data sets into something that makes […] Continue Reading


What are the 6 Essential Qualities of a Great Data Scientist?

You’re looking for a data scientist and the resumes are pouring in. Most of the job candidates have the hard skills it takes to succeed: strong technical skills, a solid mathematical background, some programming knowledge, etc. — but it’s the soft skills that will set the successful data scientist apart from the unsuccessful one. What qualities are essential for filling your position? 1. A Love for Solving Problems


Are All Millennials an Advertising Gold Mine? Using Data to Reach the Millennial Generation

A report released by ad tech firm Turn is causing quite a stir in the advertising community. According toTurn, advertisers are spending a mindboggling 500% more to advertise to the Millennial generation (18- to 35-year-olds) than they spend to reach all other demographic groups combined (this includes Traditionalists over age 70, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Z). Advertisers spend four times as much to reach Millennials with display advertising, four times more to reach them on social media, four and a half times more to reach them via mobile, and six times more to attract them through video advertising. Who are these Millennials and why are advertisers treating them like kings and queens? Are they really worth all this […] Continue Reading


Big Data or Small Data: Which Holds the Keys to Effective Advertising?

If you spend much time in tech news journals or industry blogs, it’s easy to get the impression that you are the only business left on planet earth that isn’t using big data. Without it, your competitors are certain to overtake you in your sleep — most likely tonight — and you will probably go out of business within the quarter. Or, so they say. The reality is that while big data is important and is changing the way marketing and advertising are done, you aren’t sunk without it just yet. In fact, you may find that small data can do for your business what big data is doing for the big guys, at least for now. Plus, it’s an […] Continue Reading


6 Things Game Developers Need to Know About Using Big Data

Game developers have tapped into something, well, big. Big data, that is. If you’ve heard about what big data can do for your development efforts, you’re likely very excited about it. You should be. But there are limitations to what big data can and should be used for. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to leveraging big data for your game development efforts. 1. Never Let Data Replace Good Intuition Do your instincts tell you that Millennials will go nuts for your new action-adventure concept, even though the data is pointing squarely at (yet) another sports game? Follow your gut. Data can help you determine what’s trending in the world of games, as well as what features […] Continue Reading