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How Your Data Can Turn Black Friday into a White Christmas

How your data can turn Black Friday into a White Christmas Returns are a huge area of concern for many retailers; indeed, the sale has not been completed until the customer actually decides to keep the product. But with Black Friday around the corner, and all of the flash buying that entails, can you predict what products are going to cause you the most problems, or even each which customers could give you a headache?

Look Who`s doing Big data in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)

What kind of data are you working with? Solar Energy, Building Energy Data What kinds of analytics are you using? Data selection and visualization, statistical analysis What are the problems your company/project/group is interested in solving? Developing tools to facilitate the adoption of Sustainable Energy technologies. How did you get involved in your line of work? Education geared towards sustainability and an interest in science and R&D. What are you most proud of in your work? Training and Experience that students gain working with our team, and the ideas and innovations they go on to pursue. What are the biggest challenges in your line of analytics? Sensor Systems, Data Acquisition, Data Quality, – (still diving into analytics, so plenty of […] Continue Reading

Big Data Believer Or Big Data Realist?

So what is Big Data? It’s the current drive to generate useful and relevant insights from huge (indeed, previously intractable) data sets. The phenomenon is increasingly being touted in business circles as the best route to generating greater knowledge and insight into customer and business needs. If you’re not familiar with Big Data, all you need to know can be broken down into two projects: * How to best store massive volumes of data (large amounts of money are being spent on the necessary storage and infrastructure in businesses right now) * How to best access, visualise and analyse that data in a timely fashion (again, the software and consultancy support required to service these requirements is huge and growing). […] Continue Reading

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