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Machine Learning and the Future of Advertising

Machine learning, which is also sometimes called artificial intelligence, sounds like the stuff of science fiction. Computers that are able to think and talk like humans, and perhaps even scarier, work like humans, have dominated stories like 2001 A Space Odyssey and novels by fictional geniuses like Heinlein and Asimov. Machines in real life can now play games, create art and music, drive unmanned cars, and even diagnose medical conditions. But what does machine learning (or ML) have to do with the world of advertising?

By Digging for Data, You Could Stumble on a Goldmine

Data in the 21st century is like oil in the 18th century: an untapped, immensely valuable asset. Technology, through machine learning, can use that data to improve our lives, may it be by filtering spam email or telling us which vitamins we need. Like oil, for those who see data’s fundamental value and learn to extract and use it there will be huge rewards. Machine learning is a way for technology to turn big data into every day applications, and the data itself are already part of our lives. Films like ‘Her’, about a man who falls in love with his artificial intelligence device,’ are smash hits at the box office. Retailers are using data about our previous purchases to […] Continue Reading

Voice Analytics by Day, DJ by Night

It’s 3am and the club smells of sweat and sex. These kids are too cool for cologne. The club has goths and hipsters, liplocked teenagers and adulterous ad-men, coked out city boys and just paroled bouncers comparing their Prison Tats with a well known architect by day and rent boy by night. Sometimes, there is a place that defines a generation. Paris in the 20’s, New York in the 80’s and now it’s London. Sometimes the place defines the people as much as the people define the place. But as the ground moves with the music there is one constant. Everyone has their eyes locked on the hooded figure, crouched on the podium. You see, coolness isn’t a democracy, coolness […] Continue Reading

Order in Chaos

Big Data is ramping up to be a big business opportunity with companies on average doubling the amount of data they create every two years, and estimated to spend $120bn globally on data analytics software between now and 2015, according to IDC. Hype surrounding Big Data is at an all-time high as companies look to address the increasing volume, variety and velocity in electronic information. Traditional relational databases are becoming less useful and relevant as more ad hoc information is being created outside of those systems. But, while Business Intelligence (BI) tools have been around for a while to extract value from relational databases, few companies currently have the technology in place to apply the same degree of sophistication to […] Continue Reading

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