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Why I Think the DIKW Pyramid Should not Be a Pyramid

The world of big data is evolving rapidly and the general public is starting to adopt it as their own. The question that often arises is; we want to do ‘something’ with big data, but what? For large companies this question is easily solved by hiring data scientists. Sure, there are many useful tools out there that show graphics from which you can extract conclusions. However, small and medium-sized companies often don’t know where to start putting big data into practice. At Datatrics we believe in doing this a bit differently. We developed a platform for small and medium-sized marketing teams that turns big data into concrete actions, so they immediately know how to approach their audience.

Big Data: Is History Repeating Itself?

Is it a leap forward helping the world to run smoothly on exabytes of unstructured, unprecedented levels of data? Or is Big Data a new buzz-word used by sales and marketing teams to persuade companies to buy multi-million pound IT platforms? If you ask me, history is repeating itself. I remember the birth of CRM and how the industry was split between IT companies and their solve-it-all multi-million pound databases, and the pointy heads claiming it was their domain. CRM turned out to be data driven marketing using IT as a tool, and eventually became the industry buzz-word of the ’90s. With this in mind, it is important that we monitor how the conversation around Big Data evolves and monitor how […] Continue Reading

Using Data To Establish Consumer Loyalty

Given that it is of course cheaper for an automotive brand to retain a customer rather than find a new one, the importance of up-to-date customer information is absolutely crucial. Although not an exception, the automotive industry relies heavily on accurate data when it comes to brands trying to secure repeat customers. While it is one thing actually promoting after sales to a customer, it is another to expect them to remember such detail in 12 months time. As soon as a manufacturer’s free warranty or service plan runs out, which in most cases is after the 36-month mark, the chances increase that a customer will shop elsewhere when they next need service or maintenance work carried out on their […] Continue Reading

The Challenge Of Online Data

Data generated by online retail is very different, and much more difficult because the ‘inputs’ of online retail are both more numerous and more changeable. Online there are fewer upfront constraints on scope or reach. Combine this with the almost limitless possibilities for adjusting the hundreds of day-to-day activities – keyword bids, navigation, delivery charges, sort orders, prices, marketing, promotions or customer emails.  The consequence is that the data is considerably more complex – there is more data, more often, from more interconnected sources. The ‘outputs’ – sales, conversion rate, average order value – are as a result unhelpful, as each can be affected by a wide variety of causes. The outputs online tell you what’s happened but give no […] Continue Reading

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