A Preview of the BDW Training Sessions

Framework Training is our partner for this year edition of Big Data Week, providing us interesting training sessions about big data.

We’ve asked Radek to make an overview of the sessions for our readers. Enjoy!

Hi, I am Radek Maciaszek. I have been involved with a great variety of data-driven projects, ranging from the computation of scientific results, through to applying clustering, machine learning and real-time techniques in the analysis of terabytes of online advertising data.

I am currently spending most of my time working on a large-scale Big Data project for a hedge fund – I have also been helping Framework Training to deliver first-class Big Data training for a number of years.

I believe that in order to understand data, you need to be able to see what it looks like. This forms an important part of my approach to data projects and I am keen to demonstrate how databases of raw data can be visualised and consequently have real-world impact.

We’re very excited to be delivering a number of training sessions in conjunction with Big Data Week, and we have devised 2 exclusive training sessions that will be run during the London conference (23 – 28 November).

These sessions follow two tracks – Business, and Technical.

Ouimage006r “Big Data for Retail, Advertising & Marketing” seminar is a high-level overview for decision makers, project managers, business analysts and others involved in converting data into usable information. We will be looking at Case Studies of actual Big Data projects by some well-known organisations, to help you plan a strategy to unleash the massive potential that is waiting to be discovered in your flood of customer data.


The technical workshop, “Real-time Analytics with Apache Spark & Storm” is an intensive hands-on session for data scientists, business intelligence analysts, and others with database / software development experience. This workshop is designed to give you a kick-start in real-time analysis of high-capacity data streams. We will dive into the Cloud and use Apache Spark and Storm and show you how to build real-time business intelligence reports to highlight trends, recommendations and other valuable business techniques to get more out of your customer data.

Radek Maciaszek has a BSc in Computer Sciences, as well as a Master’s in Cognitive and Decisions Science and MSc in Bioinformatics from Birkbeck, University of London.

Specialties: Data science, business intelligence and data mining.


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