Why join Big Data Week London?


You are part of the big data community and haven’t decided yet about joining Big Data Week London? Here are five good reasons and a discount code for your special chance to attend Big Data Week London 2016:

  1. Key big data experts and influencers

Our conference brings together top big data influencers and a whole suit of big data experts. Join BDW London and get to know them at our VIP networking party!

  1. Ready-to-use business solutions

Join us in London for a one-day conference showcasing innovative ideas and best practices that you can implement straight away.

  1. Big data in real business scenarios

This year’s BDW London Conference features awesome talks centred on innovative ways Finance, Healthcare, Retail, IoT, Entertainment and Travel organisations are using big data to discover new opportunities and improve customer experience.

  1. Business & technology brought together

Big Data Week London is the only conference that presents the results first, and then the technology. The business talks track will share best practices across 6 industries, and the tech talks track will showcase how to make use of them.

  1. So many big names

Google, Facebook, Barclays, TripAdvisor, MapR, TfL, Skyscanner, Shazam, Exterion Media, Skimlinks, Telefonica, NATS and more!

Get your discounted ticket and join BDW London! Get 25% discount by using BDW25 code!

Need an extra reason?

  1. LONDON!

The Big Data Week anchor-city is AWESOME this time of the year!

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