BDW London Conference 2017 Unveils a Wide Range of Topics on the Hottest Technology Trends

The Big Data Week festival is turning 6 years old this October. Always keeping London as main anchor city, and with partner cities all across the globe, from Barcelona through Kuala Lumpur, to Jakarta and São Paulo and back to Spain, in Madrid, the BDW worldwide festival is spreading knowledge, bringing together a community of big data experts and enthusiasts.

Presented by Bigstep, the London BDW conference will take place on October 13th, hosted for the third year in a row by the etc.venues stylish and welcoming conference space, at 155 Bishopsgate, right in the heart of London.


As it has grown over the previous editions, the London anchor city Conference event is now spinning a more elaborate yarn in terms of topics and content, focusing on a horizontal approach that encompasses a vast array of domains, bringing on stage topics that cover a wider range of industries and staging three main tracks to tackle the hottest technologies and tech trends. This year’s tracks will offer you the latest discoveries and showcase best practices that you can take away for direct implementation.

The Data Science, Analytics, and Visualisation track welcomes data scientists and engineers to relay the wildest visualisation challenges they had to face and how they surpassed them. Among the topics proposed for presentations are: Predictive Modelling, Data Mining, 3D & Real-Time Visualisations, with a focus on Data Visualisation Tools, Case Studies and Best Practices. Of course, the audience for this track needs not be made up of data experts exclusively. If any of the proposed talks are familiar or draw your interest, brace up and become one of the attendees.

The second track is dedicated to Big Data Architectures, expecting talks on Spark, Hadoop, Security, and the Cloud, because architectural decisions can make or break a project. Anybody with an interest in big data architectures should join the audience of this track, as BDW will select the most interesting and valuable case studies and best practices from the submitted papers.

And, continuing with the innovation sector, the third track focuses on AI, Real-Time & IOT Projects because fast moving data and real-time decision-making are bound to power the business world. One should expect talks on subjects such as: Real-Time Analytics with Big Data, Smart Mobility & Transportation, Big Data for Environmental Control, Smart Cities, anything related to the IoT or even Data Security in a Connected World. This is the track most opened to a general audience, expecting all kind of exciting stories from pioneers and IT prodigies.

With such a broad palette of areas of big data interest, the call for papers is still open, so the list of speakers keeps updating as proposed topics funnel through the selection process. The Early Bird tickets are now available for purchase. Stay tuned or follow @bigdataweek on Twitter for updates and more exciting news in the weeks to come!

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