Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson.

Quantum computers have far more computing power than even the most powerful classical computers. Therefore, they have the ability to advance artificial intelligence and make it more intelligent. Here are some ways that artificial intelligence will change as a result of quantum computing.

Artificial Intelligence Will Be Able To “Remember” More Information

Quantum computers use quarks as bits (also called qubits) instead of bits made of silicon. Qubits work very differently than silicon bits. Silicon bits can only code information in ones or zeros. Qubits can be in both positions simultaneously.

This increases the storage capacity of quantum computers. The storage capacity of a quantum computer doubles each time the size of the drive increases by one qubit. A quantum computer with 500 qubits has the ability to store as many digits of code as the number of atoms that exist in the visible universe.

Artificial Intelligence Will “Think” Differently As A Result Of Quantum Computers

Classical computers can only come up with one solution to a problem. However, quantum computers have the ability to come up with all the possible solutions to a problem simultaneously. Therefore, AI that uses quantum technology will be able to fluidly paint the full picture of a scenario rather than putting together individual pieces of one like classical computers do.

While stream processing can be an effective way for classical computers to map a scenario, a single quantum computer would be able to do it far more effectively. It’s difficult to predict how AI could evolve as a result of this fundamental shift in the way that AI will be able to “think”.

AI That Is Powered By Quantum Computers Will Be More Secure

It’s not possible for either a quantum computer or classical computer to gain unauthorized access to a quantum computer. This would effectively prevent almost all cyber-attacks on AI.

AI Will Be More Effective In Medicine

If AI is powered by quantum computers, doctors will be able to perform scans that are able to study the body on the molecular level. This will help them to provide more accurate diagnoses and treat disease more effectively.

Quantum computers also may be able to create a simulation of how the body will change down to the molecular scale. This will allow researchers to create more effective medications, map the entire human genome, and significantly extend the average life expectancy.

Quantum Powered AI Will Make Flying Safer

AI powered by quantum computers will be able to guide planes more effectively than classical computers have. In addition, quantum powered AI will be able to help manufacturers to build airplanes that are less prone to malfunction. Furthermore, AI used for weather forecasting will become more accurate as a result of quantum computing.

AI Used For Space Travel Will Become More Advanced

The AI that is used to create simulations of spaceflight will become much more accurate, and it will be possible for scientists to create simulations of longer spaceflights than they currently are able to. It also will be possible for quantum powered AI to effectively guide astronauts on long space flights.

AI Will Be Able To Personalize Advertising

Quantum computers will be able to go through corporate databases more effectively than classical computers have been able to do. As a result, potential customers will be less likely to see advertisements for items that they are not interested in. In addition, AI will become more useful for political campaigning.

AI Will Increasingly Use Cloud Technology (For Now)

It’s likely to be quite a while before quantum computers are found in average homes and businesses. Therefore, artificial intelligence that uses quantum computers will have to connect to the quantum computer via cloud technology.

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