Why Join BDW London Conference in 2018?

This article is written by Andreea Jakab,  Associate Event Organiser at Big Data Week

As the world is turning more and more to the online, it’s essential not to forget the importance of attending a live conference in your field.

Big Data Week is a tech conference, focusing on big data and AI, but we cannot leave out the benefits of an interactive live conference such as networking with like-minded professionals, encountering new vendors, listening to talks on the latest discoveries, as well as see specific use cases, with the final goal of finding out more about forward-looking business intelligence methods.

This year’s edition of Big Data Week London is focusing on a wider, horizontal approach, looking to discover challenges in data science, advanced analytics and data visualisation, as well as the spectacular ways in which AI & IoT projects will change the world.

Data experts from top AI and data-driven companies such as TUI Group, VMware, Satalia, Bigstep, GRSC Group, Near, Phrasee, Data Relish, Growth Tribe, Data Reply, Experian and 3n Strategy are going to speak at the event, covering unique topics, latest developments as well as specific use cases!

People calling out “fake news” has been 2018’s recurrent theme. Curious about the issues within current media? BDW London Conference attendees will get the chance to hear Scott Stevenson, Data Scientist at ASI Data Science, discuss the latest developments in machine learning on speech generation as well as the consequences and risks that this technology will bring about.

Data surpassed oil in being the most valuable resource, thus making data science a domain of high interest. But what is automated data science and how can we benefit from it? Andras Palfi, Data Scientist at Bigstep, will cover key questions regarding automated data science: which parts of data science benefit the most of automation, can all of data science be automated and will there be a place for data scientists in the future?

What are the different categories of graph analytics and their areas of application? From fraud detection and money laundering, illegal transactions and other forms of financial crime, to the identifying key influencers in social networks, communities of frequently interacting individuals, and route optimisation, graph analytics offer a vast variety of solutions that keep on evolving on a daily basis. Christos Hadjinikolis (Data Reply) will define a methodology for the application of these analytics technologies through example use-cases, studying the steps that need to be followed before assumptions can be confirmed and insights extracted.

Nigel Dias, Managing Director of 3n Strategy and Chair of the HR Analytics ThinkTank, and Kevin Dickens, from Experian’s People Analytics Innovation Lab, will take participants through an overview of how organisations around the world are using HR and workforce data to make better decisions about their employees, followed up by a selection of advanced case studies used by Experian to predict employee behaviours.

Talks at Big Data Week London Conference will also cover marketing, as machine learning and artificial intelligence have already begun to influence the world of marketing and growth. Growth Tribe has spent the last year teaching non-coders to use machine learning for marketing. In his talk, Bernardo Nunes, Chief Data Scientist at Growth Tribe, will test your skills, expose you to the real-life applications of AI, as well as show you how you can learn to leverage it!

Moreover, Parry Malm, CEO and Founder of Phrasee, will explain their NLG algorithm and deep learning model. He will look at how Virgin Holidays identified a problem, built a case for AI as a solution – and what AI did to transform the CRM department. From cogs to the engine driving the machine, Parry looks at where Virgin Holidays has seen the business impact, and what impact it’s had on their bottom line.

Moving on from marketing, Steve Bradbury (GRSC Group) is an advocate of stopping collection data for the sake of it, and transforming data in smart data. He will explain how Smart Data is split into 3 key phases – Discover, Understand and Evolve. Steve will show a Visualisation demo across the Panama Papers data. This data was compiled from multiple sources and the demo will show the simplicity of showing connections within the data, without the need for technical skill.

TUI Group is focused on delivering a global data-driven transformation to the business, using data and insight from customer interactions to improve the on-holiday customer experience. Kinnari Ladha, Head of Business Intelligence & Data within TUI Group, will show a case study that will cover how data science is being used to drive and enable smarter decision-making for the reps in hotels, including some of the challenges faced with implementing a data-driven culture.

How can AI bridge the gap between the online and offline world? In his presentation, Shobhit Shukla, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Near, will explain how data products with enhanced artificial intelligence based technologies are helping enterprises and businesses map consumer journeys in the digital and physical world and essentially make smarter data-driven decisions.

Jen Stirrup (Data Relish) will discuss how your company can evolve, adapt and succeed in the AI era. What are the potential issues, complications and benefits that artificial intelligence could bring to us and our organisations? Join her on October 5th to find out the answers to these questions, as she will explain how to win the Red Queen’s Race, using demos from Microsoft technologies such as CNTK.

In his groundbreaking keynote on artificial intelligence and decentralisation, Dr Daniel Hulme (Satalia) will discuss how to use AI and blockchain technologies to reinvent the way organisations operate, as well as how they might one day make companies and countries redundant.

Which are the technology solutions which are fundamental and critical to make big data innovation possible? Richard Bennett, Head of Advisory Services Business Solutions at VMware, will discuss how critical it is to focus not only on the sheer amount of data but also on the complex task of transforming data into “information.”

As technologies evolve and companies strive to develop faster and better, it is imperative to stay in the know with the developments in tech, and to continue learning how to leverage your advantages. More speakers announced soon, keep close and don’t miss out on this fantastic one-day conference!

Finally, why join BDW London Conference 2018?

As our guest, Alan Cruickshank, Business Insights & Data Manager at Tails.com, put it last year:

“I’ve been to Big Data Week for the last three years, I find it’s a great place to get together with like-minded people, find out about what the current tools are in the industry, find out what other people are doing, share some problems and see how people are fixing them.”

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