Big Data Week 2015

Creating Value from Mobile Phone Data – Nick Henthorn, Telefonica Dynamic Insights & Mick Ridley, Exterion Media

A joint presentation using a real case study to demonstrate how Telefonica’s mobile phone data can be used to derive insights, specifically featuring how Exterion Media  intend to tailor advertising campaigns based on unique audience insights, changing the way that OOH advertising is bought, sold and optimized.

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Big Data, Sports and Game, a Fusional Triptych – Valéry Bollier, Oulala Games

Sports have always been an art more than a science, and sports games a pale copy of reality. Recently, the rise of Big Date has been a fascinating game changer in the sports world. Sports performances can now be scientifically analyzed: the largest football teams in the world have embraced it by hiring dozens of data analysts.

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IoT – When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object – Alan Grogan, Atos

Digital Transformation continues to be a key area of investment for CEOs and business owners. The Internet of Things is disrupting long established business models including direct retailer-consumer relationships. This presentation highlights the IoT use cases that are being deployed at opposing ends of the data value chain.

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Beautiful A/B Testing – Marton Trencseni, Prezi

Successful SaaS companies like Prezi perform hundreds of A/B tests. Building out their in-house system for tracking experiments, they learned that A/B testing has much depth and beauty than simply computing statistical significance from conversation rates. Watch Marton Trencseni sharing all these insights in his talk.

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