Mining Bill Gates’ Tweets Using R

This is a guest post by Preetish Panda. Twitter has always been a rich source of social data that allows us to perform analysis on wide range of topics. Considering more than 6,000 tweets are posted per second and the open API gives real-time access, twitter data mining has compelling use cases in trend analysis,...
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Tips For Understanding The Consumer Trends

With an increase in competition for consumer satisfaction, customers are now defining the trends in all sectors. Comparing today’s dynamic business environment with the business environment from a decade ago, you will see a significant difference. A decade ago, organizations used to drive business decisions while today, consumer tastes and preferences are the leading drivers...
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Revolutionary Big Data Changes of 2017

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data entails large volumes of data that are analyzed computationally to show trends and pattern. It comprises 3Vs; enormous volumes of data, the velocity of processing data, and the broad variety of data categories. Big data originates from scientific experiments or business sale records. Big data has primarily transformed the...
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Big Data Creates a Big Impact on Marketing

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Any business venture in existence won’t remain in existence unless it can generate sufficient revenue and profits. The two old standbys of marketing and sales support the generation of money into a company’s coffers. Attracting audiences to marketing strategies requires continually changing with the times. Otherwise, a business falls behind and...
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