Revolutionary Big Data Changes of 2017

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson.

Big data entails large volumes of data that are analyzed computationally to show trends and pattern. It comprises 3Vs; enormous volumes of data, the velocity of processing data, and the broad variety of data categories. Big data originates from scientific experiments or business sale records. Big data has primarily transformed the business world in 2017.

Dialogue with customers

Big data allows you to engage with customers regarding your products. Consumers take time in purchasing products by shopping around and comparing with other brands. Big data enables you to profile the behavior of customers. As a result, you will have a real-time conversation with the consumers to gain their loyalty.

Keeping data safe

Big data tools are essential in mapping the data of the company. This way, you efficiently analyze the data and identify potential threats before they become detrimental. You can also protect the sensitive information that was initially unprotected and ensure that storage is done based on the regulatory specifications.

Re-developing products

You can test a variety of computer-aided designs using big data to enable you to identify the minor changes in performance and price affecting your products. Big data also assists you to acknowledge how consumers view your products. You can reveal the testimonies of consumers in different demographic groups or geographical locations.

Impacts of Big Data

Big data has become tremendously beneficial to sectors including business, education, finance, research and politics through the analytical database management structures. These systems enhance data interpretation and efficient decision making. AI is used to interpret big data into actionable information. Analytical tools like pattern finding and language recognition change how people perceive the world.

Big data helps in sorting out behavioral data of consumers to assist decision makers. Previously, behavioral data was difficult to attain; thus companies relied on declarative data in decision making. In declarative data, researchers are actively engaged in delivering data. Unfortunately, the data is prone to memory failure and cognitive bias.

On the other hand, behavioral data does not allow active engagement of people in providing data. Behavioral data is not susceptible to memory failure and self-reporting bias. Behavioral data can also assist in solving the problem of reporting past online activities. Reporting online activities is hard because they occur without a clear context. Behavioral data collections are designed to identify the consumer’s’ activities.

The Database for Computing Big Data

The Graphic Processing Unit or GPU database services is ideal for computing big data. The database provides better services than CPU. It was made as a substitute of CPU when architects recognized that it was a problem to display sophisticated images on a computer screen. Therefore, they developed a new processing unit with a high bandwidth and less complex cores. The new database was better than CPU in processing and reading data.

GPU became renowned in 2016 because of its vast accumulation of data that had increased by approximately 40 percent annually. CPU database’s performance was rising from 10 to 20 percent yearly. On the other hand, the significant increase in the performance of the new database is nearly 40 percent annually. The high-performance power of the new database makes it appropriate for computing the increasing data types yearly.

They are also more superior to CPU databases because they can do calculations simultaneously. Conversely, a CPU database is optimized to operate serialized computations. Though expensive, the new database has computational power of many CPU servers. You can run many queries simultaneously with a high bandwidth memory.

In conclusion, the significant change in big data has transformed different sectors including business and finance. Big data is essential for protecting data by identifying and analyzing data to prevent them from threats and re-designing products that align to the consumers’ expectations and preferences. The new database is best for computing Big Data because it can do calculations, read and process data quickly.

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