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4 Ways Publishers Can Capitalize on the Big Data Boom

While disruptive technologies like mobile, cloud, and big data have rocked every industry, modern digital innovations have upended no sector like it has publishing. From fears over the death of print (which still hasn’t been realized, and potentially won’t be for generations to come) to questions about how to handle issues like social media and e-publishing, publishers have emerged stronger than ever. In fact, they now have an arsenal of tools to do an even better job of everything from delivering timely news to satisfying the most remote niches of readers. One of the tools is big data. Marketing learned quickly how this innovation could be leveraged to reach new markets, expand current markets, and discover markets that no one […] Continue Reading

6 Ways Big Data Will Revolutionize Advertising & Marketing in 2016

Big Data Week Conference: Big data players from retail, media, IoT, advertising, and gaming are coming together for one week full of events. Learn from industry leaders, attend meet-ups, webinars, and discuss the latest developments in the big data world. As 2015 winds down, it’s time to look ahead to next year and see what the wide world of big data and analytics has to offer advertising and marketing. From improving the customer experience to coping with more social media platforms and moving to the cloud — a lot is expected to happen in the year to come. 1. More Data is Out: Better Data is In Marketers and advertisers will shift their focus for 2016 away from simply getting […] Continue Reading

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