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Adding Value to Your Business Through the Organization of Incoming Big Data

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson Big data is necessary for any organization to get insights on various business strategies. Organizing of big data for taking into account non-traditional technologies and strategies needed to organize it, and gather incoming insights from more massive databases. The power of information dominating the world around us becomes imperative in every sector of life and hence the need to organize it attractively and analytically. The concept of holding your incoming data through the various holistic databases with multiple data sets makes it easy to keep information under control. The magnitude of incoming bid data needs specialized approaches that manage it properly. Clustered Computing Because of the high qualities of the incoming bid data, individual’s computer […] Continue Reading

Uses of Software in Running a Business

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson Often, SMEs don’t attempt to improve efficiency as a means of increasing their profitability and cash flow. Entrepreneurs are often too focused on the status quo instead of improving their operations. However, that appears to be changing as today’s business world continues to evolve. Enterprises are investing in software to become more efficient and increase their overall performance. Every enterprise yearns to improve its efficiency. Business efficiency can result in increased profits and reduced resource wastage, which ultimately translates to a healthy bottom line. Small businesses are now leveraging various software to improve their operating efficiency. Whether you are an accountant or an engineer, having the right software can be a game changer in your career. […] Continue Reading

Why Organizing Your Big Data is Important

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data takes into account all of the many things that need to be measured or monitored, and many organizations find it hard to manage such massive data. Additionally, the amount of data being captured, replicated, or stored is way too high, and measures should be in place to ensure that everything doesn’t blow out of proportion. It’s therefore important for organizations to come up with creative approaches that can corral and optimize their data. A lot of organizations also think that they can do away with big data by discarding the always increasing amount of storage. They would even go ahead and buy additional storage capacity every year that can only result in inflated costs […] Continue Reading

6 Ways Game Developers are Leveraging Big Data

Like most industries, game developers are looking for ways to keep current customers satisfied, bring new customers into the fold, and to increase revenue for their products. Also like other industries, game developers are just now learning what big data has to bring to the table. Online gaming (including game apps) gives game developers the ability to track and monitor players, their interactions, and their behaviors. Using this and other data, developers can then improve their products for better play, more players, and higher earnings. Here are several ways that developers are taking advantage of big data.

6 Things Game Developers Need to Know About Using Big Data

Game developers have tapped into something, well, big. Big data, that is. If you’ve heard about what big data can do for your development efforts, you’re likely very excited about it. You should be. But there are limitations to what big data can and should be used for. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to leveraging big data for your game development efforts. 1. Never Let Data Replace Good Intuition Do your instincts tell you that Millennials will go nuts for your new action-adventure concept, even though the data is pointing squarely at (yet) another sports game? Follow your gut. Data can help you determine what’s trending in the world of games, as well as what features […] Continue Reading

Big Data Week Thanks All City Partners and Sponsors for Making It Happen!

November 23 – 28 Big Data Week ready to start – cities and sponsors, thank you! Big Data Week starts next week, and runs through November 23 – 28 – it will be a week filled with amazing events from all over the world, and an anchor conference in London taking place on November 25! First, let’s talk a bit about Big Data Week history: the first edition took place 4 years ago and along the years gathered an amazing international community, more then 500 events and close to 80 000 participants from all around the world. This year’s Big Data Week opens up on November 23 and brings together some amazing cities and sponsors – all of them making […] Continue Reading

Thoughts on IoT, Smart Cities, Big Data

Guest Blog by Larissa Romualdo-Suzuki, IoT & Smart Cities Specialist Digital technologies and big data offer a new wave of opportunities to mitigate the impacts of geographic sprawl, scarcity of natural resources and inefficiency in basic urban services. Together, data and technology can create a balance between social, environmental and economic opportunities that will be delivered through smart city planning, design, and construction. As cities seek to reduce costs and interconnect their activities, urban systems have become tightly integrated and increasingly relying on multi-structured real-time data catalysed by millions of electronic networked devices embedded in the physical infrastructure of cities. Real time city data have enabled the creation of several sustainable initiatives and real time services in cities, such as […] Continue Reading

Interview with Neil Avery from Excelian

This article takes part from the interview series with our speakers for this year edition of Big Data Week. Enjoy Neil’s thoughts on big data. While Big Data is already a buzz term, what does it actually mean for you? (an old question with a fresh answer) Big Data is a Phenomenon. Since the ‘hype cycle’ has subsided it is now leaking its way into every nook and cranny of our daily lives. The world has changed because of Big Data; it will continue to change in even more radical ways. Spark and SparkSQL are the ‘ODBC of Big Data which really opens out most platforms to become much more heterogeneous without the integration pain. Graph is the next frontier that is […] Continue Reading

With Big Data, comes Big Responsibility

The phrase “With Big Data, comes Big Responsibility” is not uncommon to many professionals. But what happens when we add Simple, Diversified, and Complex data to that mix? Our media partner for Big Data Week Conference – BrightTALK is launching a Data Management and Analytics summit live this week and all through the month of November. BrightTALK Community Manager Ina Yulo interviews Jeremy Sokolic from business analytics company Sisense to get his thoughts on the challenges commonly faced by data professionals and some tips to overcome them. Could you explain what the data complexity matrix is and what some of its key advantages are? The Data Complexity Matrix is a framework that helps business and IT professionals better understand there data sets […] Continue Reading

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