Big Data Week Thanks All City Partners and Sponsors for Making It Happen!

November 23 – 28
Big Data Week ready to start – cities and sponsors, thank you!

Big Data Week starts next week, and runs through November 23 – 28 – it will be a week filled with amazing events from all over the world, and an anchor conference in London taking place on November 25!

First, let’s talk a bit about Big Data Week history: the first edition took place 4 years ago and along the years gathered an amazing international community, more then 500 events and close to 80 000 participants from all around the world.

This year’s Big Data Week opens up on November 23 and brings together some amazing cities and sponsors – all of them making this event possible. We want to thank everybody involved; and let’s make the 2015 edition another incredible one yet!

Some key highlights of the event this year (more details below):

A few of our amazing city partners and their events: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Moscow, São Paulo.

  • Not only cities, but regions too: Wallonia
  • Incredible independent events: Timisoara – you just rock! Stockholm may be cold, but it rocks Big Data!
  • London Anchor Conference: We have created an anchor conference that will go around the world starting from 2016
  • An Elite Sponsor, a super company that chose to stand by and support us worldwide: Bigstep.

Amazing cities and topics:

Barcelona: Conference, Mega Meetup, Big Data Breakfast in Barcelona – all during Big Data Week. An incredibly vibrant city, Barcelona lived up to its reputation in the technological world and created an amazing list of events. See a list of the events organized by our Barcelona city partners below:

  • Conference @ Mobile World Center
  • Mega Meetup: bringing big data & data science communities together
  • Breakfast in Barcelona: private breakfast discussing big data insights

London: it’s not that we – the organizers – reside here, but the Big Data community in London is absolutely amazing and we managed to get together some of the most incredible meetups within Big Data Week. More than 1500 participants are expected in London events, in more than 10 events and one conference. A highlight of the week is below:

  • One anchor conference: November 25th, London, Big Data in Use, amazing use cases from Retail, Advertising, Publishing, IoT and Gaming;
  • Meetups: Data Science London, Hadoop User Group London, Spark London and Cassandra London;
  • Trainings: Retail, advertising and marketing tools; Spark & Storm Real Time Analytics;
  • Webinars: How to guarantee business success with fast data analytics;
  • Workshops: Machine Learning & Spark workshop; Maximizing Big Data value through the regulatory maze.

Madrid: there’s more to Madrid then Prado & Casa de Campo, this vivid city surprised Big Data Week this year with 2 very interesting events:

  • Conference on November 23rd @ Campus Madrid
  • Mega Meetup – bringing big data & data science communities together

Malaga: is an entrepreneurial Smart City with an innovative surrounding ecosystem called Malaga Valley, which is known for its high-tech industry, its Smart City initiatives and its entrepreneurial spirit. Using technology to provide citizens with better services more efficiently, while also preserving the environment, has been a priority for the City of Malaga since 1996. Today, it has more than 35 “Smart City” projects, programs and initiatives underway and boasts several internationally recognized pilot projects, such as ENEL/Endesa’s Smart Electricity Grid or the Japanese Zero Emissions Mobility To All (ZEM2All). As more and more sensors are deployed in the city and large amounts of data are being collected, big data analytics is becoming more important. With the events in Big Data Week, the city partners hope to educate all those who are interested in learning how companies, institutions and universities are using big data and the potential of this unique sector. See some of Malaga events below :

  • November 23 – Big Data Week debuts with the Municipal Open Data Conference, talking about how Malaga city is making large amounts of data available to the public;
  • November 27 – Workshop: Analyzing Traffic Data
  • Special edition of Digital World on Big Data: live from the MIT School in the Andalucian Tecnological Park

Moscow: IE, the internationally recognized business school, will organize in Moscow a series of events regarding entrepreneurship and big data.

São Paulo: For the second time, São Paulo takes part in the world’s biggest Big Data festival. Big data is an emergent concept in Brazil, but there are many researches in the area pointing towards the increasing of investments: it’s expected to grow to more than $1 billion by 2018. Amongst lots of topics, São Paulo will discuss the importance of big data in nowadays competitive context and how it has been applied in many enterprises. From a technical perspective we will address topics such linked data, semantic web and much more.

The second edition of Big Data Week São Paulo will happen on November 23 at Cubo, a big technological entrepreneurship center, located in Vila Olímpia – São Paulo.

Regions support: Wallonia
It’s not the first time Wallonia registers as a region in Big Data Week. This part of Belgium – represented by an amazing team – has filled two days with events:

  • November 24 – Big data workshop: “Lessons Learned from Big Data Technologies” – CETIC at 2pm (Gosselies/Charleroi)
  • November 26 – Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) OpenSpace Esperity with feedback on use of Microsoft Azure data analysis in oncology patient data (social network) – CETIC at 8:30am (Gosselies/Charleroi)

Incredible independent events in Timisoara and Stockholm!
From meetups to conferences, we have some usual and unusual cities on the independent events list – Stockholm coming strong with the Big Data Telco conference, and Timisoara, a small Romanian city filled with love, technology and startups, debuting their Big Data Week presence.

Big Data Week Anchor Conference:

The Big Data Week anchor conference takes place in London in 2015. With the theme “Big Data in Use” , the conference will focus on fresh and innovative use cases of big data in Retail, Advertising, Publishing, IoT and Gaming.

Some of the key topics:

  • What big data means for retail: innovative use cases coming from Shop Direct, Dunnhumby, Revive Vending’s Honest Cafe (presented by EBI Solutions), and a panel discussing the potential use cases of data
  • How to personalize advertising using mobile data
  • What machine learning means for business people and the potential to replace the need for tools and data scientists
  • Behaviour modelling for publishers
  • How to make sense of IoT data

Big Data Week Elite Sponsor: Bigstep

Bigstep is the only cloud provider focused on delivering high performance for big data. In the Full Metal Cloud, we bring together the best infrastructure, orchestration, and applications that enable businesses to start working with big data in just a few clicks.

The Full Metal Cloud is the world’s highest performance cloud, purpose-built for big data. Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines reach up to 500% better performance running on Full Metal compared to virtualised public clouds.

We needed a partner this year in order to make all these amazing things possible, and Bigstep was as close to us as ever. For all the support given and believing in our event all these years, thank you.

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