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6 Things Game Developers Need to Know About Using Big Data

Game developers have tapped into something, well, big. Big data, that is. If you’ve heard about what big data can do for your development efforts, you’re likely very excited about it. You should be. But there are limitations to what big data can and should be used for. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to leveraging big data for your game development efforts. 1. Never Let Data Replace Good Intuition Do your instincts tell you that Millennials will go nuts for your new action-adventure concept, even though the data is pointing squarely at (yet) another sports game? Follow your gut. Data can help you determine what’s trending in the world of games, as well as what features […] Continue Reading

Playing the Big Data Game – 5 Things You Need to Know About the Games of the Future

We’re in the golden age of gaming. In the US, more than half the households now own a console. Tablets and smartphones are packed with games. The video game market has already topped the movies and music markets. From a juvenile distraction to a mostly grown-up entertainment, this momentum is not about to dissipate. If anything, with the help of big data, it’s increasing faster than ever. You probably don’t know what this is. It’s called the Brown Box, and it’s the grandfather of all game consoles. The prototype was built in 1967 by a man named Ralph Baer. The basic traits of a console are there and have never changed: multiplayer controls and a variety of games to choose […] Continue Reading

Gambling and Big Data: A Safe Bet?

Marketing in 2014: every day, tracking software peers into consumers’ spending histories. Meanwhile, companies scour our personal information for any crumbs of data that might be used in the pursuit of a sale. This is ‘big data analysis:’ the Big Brother marketing strategy that has permanently altered the face of retail. Now big data has come to the gambling industry. Big data sets provide online casinos and bookmakers with consumer insights of unprecedented sophistication, allowing companies to tailor the experience of users and even protect problem players (as they are keen to point out.) However, the crazed scrabble for data has led gambling vendors to steamroller over data protection law in the pursuit of better market research, greater individual optimisation […] Continue Reading

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