Big Data Week 2015

Big Data, Sports and Game, a Fusional Triptych – Valéry Bollier, Oulala Games

Sports have always been an art more than a science, and sports games a pale copy of reality. Recently, the rise of Big Date has been a fascinating game changer in the sports world. Sports performances can now be scientifically analyzed: the largest football teams in the world have embraced it by hiring dozens of data analysts.

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IoT – When an Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object – Alan Grogan, Atos

Digital Transformation continues to be a key area of investment for CEOs and business owners. The Internet of Things is disrupting long established business models including direct retailer-consumer relationships. This presentation highlights the IoT use cases that are being deployed at opposing ends of the data value chain.

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Beautiful A/B Testing – Marton Trencseni, Prezi

Successful SaaS companies like Prezi perform hundreds of A/B tests. Building out their in-house system for tracking experiments, they learned that A/B testing has much depth and beauty than simply computing statistical significance from conversation rates. Watch Marton Trencseni sharing all these insights in his talk.

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