Big Data Week 2016

4 Better Ways to Successfully Implement Business Analytics

Guest post by Sam Makad The world of business is constantly being reshaped by new technologies and achievements from various industries. Many new factors are entering the business success equation on a daily basis, requiring the immediate attention of entrepreneurs. Changes in the business world are not only driven by these factors, but also by so many others. Such as, focus on increased ROI, customer satisfaction, efficient project management, task delegation, smooth onboarding and other things in close relation to a business organization and its customers. With marketing becoming client-centric and extra focus being placed on customer experience, data has never been as valuable as it is now. Before the new methods of data extraction and reading were available, business […] Continue Reading

Remedies for an Ailing Business: Choose the Right SEO Tools and DBA Support

Over the last few years, nothing has changed more drastically than the SEO rules for small businesses. With the radical change in algorithm brought on by Google updates, the rules for all successful SEOs have changed beyond recognition. Gone are the days when you could simply stuff your content with reiterating keywords and hoped that the search engines picked up on them. Humanizing the spiders Today, you need to add keywords according to the context of your content. More often than not, keywords are read as a part of the complete sentence. Search engine crawlers like to look for the context of the keywords rather than isolated phrases or words. This happened because Google wanted to create a complete reading […] Continue Reading

The Challenges of Machine Searching

Guest post by Lorna Campbell, Nalanda Technology There are a lot of variables and risks when searching disparate sources with different standards, qualities, volumes and potentially duplicated. If 20% of the average workforce is spent searching, are they finding the material they are looking for in a precise and cost effective manner? In the past we used libraries for research and would ask academics for help, to do so we needed to give precise requirements and variables. If we were not precise there was a risk that the researcher would not provide a helpful response. With growth in unstructured data, in general terms, we need to be as precise or else risk having too many results to manage. Some of […] Continue Reading

Exterion Media and TfL say Hello London!

This post has originally been published here. Exterion Media and Transport for London (TfL) have unveiled a new commercial media partnership, Hello London, which aims to change the media landscape by utilising technology and data to offer a more tailored, relevant and contextual customer experience. Hello London will serve as a one-stop-shop for advertisers looking to engage with London audiences and increase the efficiency of their campaigns. For the first time brands will now be able to connect with commuters across the entire London Underground and Rail Network. This will include all of London Underground, London Overground, Tramlink, Docklands Light Railway, the Victoria Coach Station and, once operational, the Elizabeth line. The scope of the reach gives advertisers the opportunity […] Continue Reading

Application security for automotive IoT

Connected cars have already brought internet access to drivers, but the increasing number of Internet-of-Things-based applications has brought with it a number of vulnerabilities. This graphic, by an application protection company called Arxan, illustrates some of the most glaring attack points on a connected vehicle: mobile apps (presumably if they connect through a smartphone to car communications channel), OBD2, and infotainment systems. Safety and reliability is a concern for any car owner, but for someone leasing a vehicle, this typically means turning it into the dealer when something breaks down. Concerning safety from a digital standpoint, however, the dealer may not have such a quick fix. Arxan mentions safety in their page related to points on the graphic, including protecting […] Continue Reading

How you can get involved with Frontiers in ICT

Frontiers is a community-rooted open-access publisher that uses technology to radically improve the publishing process. Established by scientists in 2007, Frontiers drives innovations in peer review, article-level metrics, post-publication review, democratic evaluation, research networking and a growing ecosystem of open-science tools. Launched in 2014, Frontiers in ICT encourages submissions in areas of algorithms, quantum computing, distributed and parallel computing, computer architecture, and software engineering, and encompasses big data, mobile and ubiquitous computing, digital education, human-computer interaction, and computer and network security. The Frontiers in ICT specialty section Big Data is led by Specialty Chief Editor, Professor Nick Duffield, of Texas A&M University and is dedicated to publishing novel results in large-scale data science and systems, related to Information and Computer Technology, […] Continue Reading

Why join Big Data Week London?

  You are part of the big data community and haven’t decided yet about joining Big Data Week London? Here are five good reasons and a discount code for your special chance to attend Big Data Week London 2016: Key big data experts and influencers Our conference brings together top big data influencers and a whole suit of big data experts. Join BDW London and get to know them at our VIP networking party! Ready-to-use business solutions Join us in London for a one-day conference showcasing innovative ideas and best practices that you can implement straight away. Big data in real business scenarios This year’s BDW London Conference features awesome talks centred on innovative ways Finance, Healthcare, Retail, IoT, Entertainment […] Continue Reading

Interview with Charlie Ballard from TripAdvisor

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series. Enjoy reading! Why is it important for businesses in your industry to be more data driven nowadays? Especially in the world of travel, where capital investments are high and yet consumers are fickle, it is vital to the survival of any firm to understand as possible everything they can about how demands are shifting across the globe. What are the main challenges a company encounters when trying to leverage their data? The primary challenges always remain: Accessibility: “Do I have the financial and technical resources necessary to get at the data?” Knowhow: “Do I have the experience and skill available to not only access the data, but […] Continue Reading

Why we need storytellers AND scientists

Guest post by Katherine Pomfret, Chief Organiser Big Data Week Leeds, originally published on LinkedIn. We all grew up with stories. We loved them as children, when the world was a large and confusing place, because they offered certainty. They delivered powerful messages to our minds, and we learned about the world without realising we were learning, and without having to put in effort. Because images were clear and consistent (all witches are wicked, all princes are handsome, all forests are dangerous), and because of the relentless cause and effect movement of the narrative, we felt confident in drawing conclusions on the basis of stories, and felt confident also in our judgement as to the rightness, or otherwise, of a given course […] Continue Reading

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