A Retail Use Case of IT Governance. Starring: RBDMS, NoSQL, and Blockchain Technology

New technologies are breaking through and investors keep investing hoping for high-returns on IT markets that have over 10x growth predictions. However, like any other innovation, the main risk with new technologies is the lack of adoption. Fighting for Adoption New technologies in IT are not struggling that much to raise money, but are struggling hard for adoption. The lack of adoption and the high-valuations of technologies that have no impact on day-to-day operations is a world crisis triggering factor. Governance is essential to any organization and despite revolutionary new technologies, old-school governance systems are in place. There are many approaches to handling governance, so let’s use an example from the retail industry and try to explain governance in a […] Continue Reading

How to Take Advantage of Big Data in Your Workplace

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson The big data industry is expected to increase in worth to the tune of $200 billion by the end of 2020. Big data analytics allows a business to get a comprehensive insight of their processes and internal operations. The human resource director of CareersBooster, Herbart Marrow, said that business organizations that will embrace data science in their day-to-day operations would end up spending less resources and time on human resource management. Marrow added that such businesses will minimize their resource use by utilizing data that has always been there, but no one knows how best to take advantage of it. The global big data analytics revenues are expected to grow from the current $130.1 billion to […] Continue Reading

The Prospected Impact of AI on Society

No matter your political alignment, the development of AI impacts society on all levels. Are you envisioning a communist or ultra-capitalist dystopian future? The AI is there. Are you thinking of a utopic future? The AI is there as well. We need to come to terms and accept that unless a meteor hits Earth, the AI is here to stay and currently just scratching the surface. A Brief Overview I use the broad term AI to refer to any artificial intelligence, including but not limited to machine learning, deep learning, and artificial general intelligence. For those who are interested in particularities, I refer you to this infographic that briefly explains A.I. AI is the broad term that refers to any […] Continue Reading

Why Data Is Leading the Way to a Cybersecure Future

This is a guest post by Tiffany Rowe In the past, computer security could do little to guard against infection; instead, early security software merely reacted swiftly to threats detected on the machine. Thanks to data, that changed. Today, security tools are effective at predicting threats and guarding against them, so users are hardly inconvenienced by malicious attacks. It is only because diligent data-gatherers accumulated information on malware and attack patterns that cybersecurity software could improve so dramatically – and it will be thanks to data that security continues to improve. How Big Data Improves Cybersecurity A recent study on cyber threats found that the biggest gaps in businesses’ cybersecurity strategies concern the ability to detect malware, corruption and attacks before […] Continue Reading

5 Ways Big Data Is Used In Your Everyday Life

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson With plenty of news stories revolving around how Facebook and other big internet companies use the data they collect from us, you may be wondering what other aspects of your life are affected by data collection. In fact, the number of areas of your life that are touched by data analysis might surprise you. 1. Online Shopping Online shopping is an easy one. Every single online shopping site you use tracks your browsing history of the site’s products to serve them up to you later in highly targeted ads as a way of reminding you of purchases you may have been researching on their site and added to your cart, but didn’t purchase immediately. Google takes […] Continue Reading

Common HR Department Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson Every business needs to master the art of juggling for it to be successful. Every department is essential in ensuring the success of a business, but most entrepreneurs ignore the human resource department when other things are flowing smoothly. Human resource departments have several responsibilities to protect not only the company but also its employees. Businesses have faced lawsuits after making the slightest mistakes, while others have damaged their reputation and brand. Well, mistakes are inevitable, but it is essential for human resource departments to be aware of and avoid these mistakes to stay aware from lawsuits and protect their brand. An outdated or non-existing employee handbook Every business needs to be updated and communication work […] Continue Reading

5 Ways in Which Retailers Can Utilize Big Data and Digital Signage for Success

Today, most successful retailers are using big data and digital signage to improve their operational efficiency and customer experience while boosting their sales. A huge volume of data can be generated on the retail industry every second through both traditional sources and technology driven sources. Retailers and restaurant owners are using advanced analytics to gain relevant insights and even make concrete real-time decisions that are beneficial to both the customer and the business. • Detection and prevention of fraud By leveraging on the rich data environment of the retailer, exact areas of fraud exposure can be recognized. Retailers can analyze information from every day sales transaction and other activates like warehouse inventory, sales forecasts, accounts payable, employee shift records, and […] Continue Reading

Business Folk Need and Want Big Data — The Issue Is Teaching Them

On the surface level, Big Data isn’t a difficult concept to understand: the more data a business collects, the more data it can use to understand its consumer audience, to build effective products, and to predict successful marketing campaigns. Yet, almost as soon as discussions begin about how to collect Big Data, perform analyses, and develop data-driven plans, business professionals start to drift away. Big Data is incredibly important in the current era of business, but because data seems highly technical, few business-minded people want to bother acquiring that knowledge and skill. In the interest of harnessing the power of Big Data, those skilled with data need to train business professionals in the ways of data – or else replace […] Continue Reading

The Six Pillars of an Effective Business Process

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. The term “business process” is too broad and may have different meanings to different people. For the purpose of this article, it shall be defined as a task or set of tasks that are designed to achieve a specific objective. Making sure that the tasks your employees work on are the ones that will produce the most impact to your business’ long-term growth and success is key to actually achieving it. Here are the six pillars to eliminating inefficiencies and bottlenecks that are slowing down your business’ growth. Define It Before you can improve it, you should be able to clearly define your business-specific processes. Mapping it provides a clearer view of how things are getting […] Continue Reading

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