The impact of big data in business and the AI revolution, interview with Alex Bordei, Bigstep

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Alex Bordei, Head of Product Management at Bigstep, shares his thoughts on the impact of big data in business, the AI revolution and how to manage the Internet of Things. 1. It has become a tradition for Bigstep to be close to BDW, helping us grow from a community events group to a global festival of data. How do you maintain your competitivity on the cloud market? You seem to be one step ahead of even the biggest companies. What are your secrets? It is true that everybody is in a fierce race to provide developers and companies with the easiest, cheapest and fastest possible environment to run their applications. […] Continue Reading

Why Organizing Your Big Data is Important

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data takes into account all of the many things that need to be measured or monitored, and many organizations find it hard to manage such massive data. Additionally, the amount of data being captured, replicated, or stored is way too high, and measures should be in place to ensure that everything doesn’t blow out of proportion. It’s therefore important for organizations to come up with creative approaches that can corral and optimize their data. A lot of organizations also think that they can do away with big data by discarding the always increasing amount of storage. They would even go ahead and buy additional storage capacity every year that can only result in inflated costs […] Continue Reading

Managing the Internet of Things – Interview with Matthias Schorer, VMware

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Matthias Schorer, Leader Business Development Manager, IoT at VMware, shares his thoughts on the impact of big data in business, the AI revolution and how to manage the Internet of Things. There’s a lot of improvement to be expected from a city going smart and everything else the IoT entails. However, concerns may be raised that complete automation leaves systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks. What can you tell us about fail-safe methods and security measures that would earn the trust of the skeptical? It is a misconception that gathering information makes systems more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The gathering of data itself isn’t the problem, but the inherently unsafe IoT […] Continue Reading

Machines can free humans to do more creative work – Interview with Dagmara Lacka, Boldmind

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Dagmara Lacka, Boldmind Founder & CEO, shares her thoughts on the positive changes advancements in IoT and big data are bringing to the modern society and about Pepper robots.  What inspires you to innovate at Boldmind? I see advancements in IoT and big data bringing positive changes to the modern city, making it a better place to work in and live in. At Boldmind, we focus on how data generated by the city itself (buildings, transport and environmental sensors) can help improve the lives of citizens and helps businesses thrive.      How interactive is Pepper? What are the potential uses that Pepper unleashes? Pepper is learning all the […] Continue Reading

Why Teams Need Data Science Tools – Whitepaper

White Paper: Data Science Tools – What Are They, And Why Do Data Teams Need Them? Open The Door To Scalability & Efficiency To scale, data teams need staff, structure, efficiency, automation, and a deployment strategy; data science tools facilitate these requirements. But on top of scalability, providing tools for your data team allows them to: Easily manage ever-increasing volumes of data. Stay innovate in a competitive market. Move away from error-prone ad-hoc methodology. Easily reproduce processes and data projects. Leverage data analysts to augment data scientists’ work. Have proper data governance and permanence in place. Quickly deploy data projects into production. Download the Dataiku white paper to learn more about how a data science platform can take your data team to […] Continue Reading

Being Data Driven Is about Discovering New Specific Knowledge – Interview with Gerard Toonstra, Coolblue B.V.

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Gerard Toonstra, Sr. Data Platform Engineer at Coolblue B.V., shares his thoughts on the adoption of big data technologies in retail and the challenges encountered when trying to leverage data. Some verticals have been quicker than others to adopt BI and analytics solutions. Why do you think that is and what industries or fields might bring the general public the most benefits through the accelerated adoption of big data technologies?  BI is all about the optimisation of business processes. These business processes are measured by recording and combining events that are generated within the business processes themselves, for example, the sale and scan of a product at […] Continue Reading

“I see data and AI changing the world” – Interview with Kim Nilsson, Pivigo

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Kim Nilsson,  CEO Pivigo, shares her thoughts on the impact of big data in business and how you can get started with data science. The data scientist profession is currently very high in demand, and it will remain so, at least for the near future. How does one make the leap from Data Analyst to Data Scientist? That is incredibly difficult to answer, because both job titles are so unprecise! I know people I would classify as data scientists work in data analyst roles and vice versa. If we are talking about the transition from “traditional analytics and BI” to “data science” (as in predictive analytics […] Continue Reading

Why Big Data Plays a Crucial Role in the Future of Content Marketing

Guest post by Jessica Cyrus Big data and content marketing are two hot fields that bring a substantial range of benefits to every organization that deploys them. These domains have a solid thing in common, and that is data. Big data uses data to derive meaningful conclusions, and content marketing makes use of those findings to reach potential customers in a meaningful way. They complement each other. While big data gives content marketing the required insights to make if more effective, content marketing reciprocates by contributing to the data pool that big data needs to function. All in all, big data is crucial to content marketing and its future. We have been witnessing how big data is fueling innovation in […] Continue Reading

Why Every Company Needs to Be a Data Company – Interview with Daniel Hulme, Satalia

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  Daniel Hulme, CEO Satalia, shares his thoughts on the importance of becoming a data-driven business and embracing the AI wave. Witnessing the current rate of technological progress, we can’t help but feel that things should happen faster so that our lives can be further improved. What was the most unexpected request so far from a client and how did you solve it? Beyond solving our clients’ problems, some of our larger clients want to be associated with ‘cool’ startups to attract more talent and innovation into their eco-system. It’s a nice role-reversal whereby companies want to demonstrate trust wit their supplier, as opposed to suppliers demonstrating trust by having […] Continue Reading

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