How Can Big Data Help Connectivity And Mobility?

How can Big Data help connectivity and mobility?

Events around the world are looking this week at what Big Data means, what’s exciting about it and how we can best make use of it. For us at Startupbootcamp, Big Data is deeply correlated with connectivity and mobility – they go hand in hand.

With an increasing number of connected devices, the ‘Internet of Things’ presents us with a huge range of opportunities based on the possibility that objects are able to interact with each other. These connected devices are also building up banks of data, and this data needs to be put to good use. For example, connecting cars to smart parking systems in order to reduce gas wastage, or correlating your blood pressure, sleep and activity levels to help you lose weight are just two possibilities that come with the increase of connectivity, and they rely on your data.

Similarly, understanding large amounts data can be help to fuel and improve services in the mobility space. The increasing ubiquity of smartphones has meant that brands have to account for a new set of consumer behaviours, as well as their higher expectations, and Big Data can help brands to identify patterns. People want to consume more and more while they’re on the go, opening up new gaps that demand new mobility solutions.

With the increase of connectivity and mobility, we face this challenge of handling unprecedented amounts of data. According to research by IBM, 90% of the data today has been generated in the last 2 years. So simply capturing data is not enough, it’s now about using data in a smart way – remembering that the numbers represent real people, and using the data to predict what impact consumer behaviour will have.

This is exactly the reason why we, Startupbootcamp Berlin, have partnered up with Mercedes-Benz, HDI and Bosch for the upcoming startup acceleration program in Berlin starting in August. Together with our partners and 10 startups we believe we can have a real impact on how people will experience the world tomorrow. Our new partnership will enable startups of the Berlin program to have a global impact on innovation in the fields of Big Data, Connectivity and Mobility by providing them with first class mentorship, access to global innovation resources and networks and also support with their marketing efforts.

Applications for the program are open until June 2nd. Interested entrepreneurs and startups can apply directly online or pitch to top notch mentors and the Startupbootcamp team personally at one of the Startupbootcamp Pitch Days that form part of Big Data Week.

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