Do you know how safe your apps are?

Arxan Technologies, the company specialized in software security and mobile application protection has released its 5th annual State of Application Security Report.
This report takes an in-depth look into the security of some of the most popular mobile health and mobile finance applications available today. The company surveyed 126 popular mobile health and finance apps from the US, UK, Japan, and Germany.

The analysis also includes the examination of security perspectives of 1,082 consumers and app security professionals from the four countries. The survey revealed a huge discrepancy between consumer confidence regarding the level of security built into these apps and the degree to which developers of these apps actually address known application vulnerabilities.

83% of the app users that have been surveyed feel their applications are adequately secure, yet 90% of the applications tested unveiled multiple vulnerabilities.

Arxan Technologies’ discoveries, at a glance:

  • Consumers and app executives believe their mobile health and finance apps are secure.
  • The majority of mobile health and finance apps contain critical security vulnerabilities.
  • The security and safety risks are real and significant.
  • Most consumers would change providers if they knew their apps were not secure.

The detailed report can be accessed here.


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