Share your experience in Leeds @ Big Data Week!

Leeds, the capital of the North, is joining London, Chicago, Barcelona, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta and Rio de Janeiro as a host city for Big Data Week 2016 – the Global Festival of Data. Since they do things differently up north, they’re giving it a personal touch, hosting events across the city, working with academics, businesses, associations, and others to offer new ways to explore data and the power it has to bring about transformation. They do not rely on fame, nor formalize when it comes to holding a presentation.

Big Data Week Leeds focuses on the improvements to our lives that smart data analysis and analysts can bring. They want everyone to join in and they are not afraid to question the value of the idea of Big Data. From lectures to live experiments, round tables to demonstrations, BDW Leeds aims to offer opportunities for business leaders, IT professionals, students and members of the general public who want to hear from those working at the leading edge of analytics and visualisation.

On the one hand demanding non-analysts (especially business leaders) to embrace various software and methodologies that Big Data has brought and, on the other hand, asking the next generation of data scientists to step up to the plate, BDW Leeds promises cool, intimate venues across the city centre, from brunches to charcuterie joints to cocktail bars… and all in collaboration.

So, any North-based business who can talk about how their use of data has changed customer experience or satisfaction is welcome to create an event. Public sector organisations who wish to join the Leeds BDW public data debate should get in touch.

Also, if you’d like to collaborate with BDW Leeds as a host, speaker, partner or volunteer, or if you’d simply like to hear first about the events as tickets are released, please email or simply give her a call: 07982612824.

Interested in the ways existing data is used to model and predict future scenarios, and drive improvements in our business and personal lives? You can find more details of the events open for booking at

There are lots of ways to do it. Just be a part of it.

Big Data Week is the leading global platform of interconnected community events focusing on the social, political, technological impact of data. We connect data professionals helping to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, new ideas about data.

BDW is presented by Bigstep with BDW Leeds sponsored by Alscient.

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