Prepare Your Organisation for Smooth AI Adoption – Whitepaper from InData Labs

Every new technology goes through an adoption cycle, either in a society or inside one particular organization. Whether the process goes smoothly or not, depends on company’s readiness to accept radical change.

The transformation may seem complicated and unclear at first. However, it becomes substantially easier to adapt to change pursuing a number of preconditioned rules.

InData Labs experts have a lot of experience and many years of practice in guiding companies within different industries through the process of AI-transformation. From the whitepaper, you will learn about the main barriers to AI technology adoption and the ways to overcome them.

This whitepaper will:

  • elaborate on the situations when data scientists are brought to the project too late or too early
  • explain why experimentation is essential for AI technology adoption and what are the best ways to achieve desired results through experiments
  • emphasize on the processes within a company that can intervene the transformation flow

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