Big Data Week 2017

Big Data Creates a Big Impact on Marketing

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Any business venture in existence won’t remain in existence unless it can generate sufficient revenue and profits. The two old standbys of marketing and sales support the generation of money into a company’s coffers. Attracting audiences to marketing strategies requires continually changing with the times. Otherwise, a business falls behind and cannot keep up with competitors. Potential customers can simply ignore a business that employs outdated marketing strategies. Currently, big data is poised to infuse huge changes into the way businesses conduct sales and marketing endeavors. This news should be taken as a positive. Those capable of harnessing changes and trends in big data can do so to their sales and marketing advantage. Big Data Helps […] Continue Reading

Quantum Computing Will Revolutionize Artificial Intelligence

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Quantum computers have far more computing power than even the most powerful classical computers. Therefore, they have the ability to advance artificial intelligence and make it more intelligent. Here are some ways that artificial intelligence will change as a result of quantum computing. Artificial Intelligence Will Be Able To “Remember” More Information Quantum computers use quarks as bits (also called qubits) instead of bits made of silicon. Qubits work very differently than silicon bits. Silicon bits can only code information in ones or zeros. Qubits can be in both positions simultaneously. This increases the storage capacity of quantum computers. The storage capacity of a quantum computer doubles each time the size of the drive increases by […] Continue Reading

Prepare Your Organisation for Smooth AI Adoption – Whitepaper from InData Labs

Every new technology goes through an adoption cycle, either in a society or inside one particular organization. Whether the process goes smoothly or not, depends on company’s readiness to accept radical change. The transformation may seem complicated and unclear at first. However, it becomes substantially easier to adapt to change pursuing a number of preconditioned rules. InData Labs experts have a lot of experience and many years of practice in guiding companies within different industries through the process of AI-transformation. From the whitepaper, you will learn about the main barriers to AI technology adoption and the ways to overcome them. This whitepaper will: elaborate on the situations when data scientists are brought to the project too late or too early explain why […] Continue Reading

Become The Analyst Of The Future – Dataiku free guidebook

Sweeping trends are shaping the world of data and business analytics. New types of data, new tools, and new analytical methods are all pushing the jobs of analysts into new, exciting directions. If you’re an analyst, you couldn’t be in a better position. You have a wealth of options for you, so your dilemma is: how do I choose among all the options available to me? And how do I make sure my role evolves the way I’d like it to? Download this Dataiku guide and read about the three analyst roles of the future — and learn how to become each of them.

Data IS the Consumer – Interview with Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe, Near

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Ken Parnham, General Manager Europe at Near, shares his thoughts on the AI revolution, how to leverage consumer data, and the major challenges encountered when a city decides to go smart. What are some of the major challenges when a city decides to go smart? One of the major challenges is dealing with outdated infrastructure. There needs to be concrete investment from both private organisations and government. The ecosystem around us is evolving and burgeoning with consumer data. Governments and urban planners could consider leveraging and analysing location data from mobile, wearables and other IoT devices to assess traffic movement – to decide where to widen lanes […] Continue Reading

Interview with Jennifer Roubaud, Dataiku, on the future of predictive analytics

We are proud to announce that Dataiku will be joining this year’s edition of Big Data Week as Influencer Sponsor. More than 100 customers in industries such as e-commerce, industrial factories, finance, insurance, healthcare, or pharmaceuticals use Dataiku DSS daily to collaboratively build predictive dataflows to detect fraud, reduce churn, optimize internal logistics, predict future maintenance issues, and more. We have used this opportunity and invited Jennifer Roubaud, Country Manager at Dataiku to get her views over the impact of big data, as well as her vision towards the future in a special interview made exclusively for our blog. How have you come to the decision to sponsor BDW London 2017? BDW London is about getting people around the world from all industries excited […] Continue Reading

The impact of big data in business and the AI revolution, interview with Alex Bordei, Bigstep

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Alex Bordei, Head of Product Management at Bigstep, shares his thoughts on the impact of big data in business, the AI revolution and how to manage the Internet of Things. 1. It has become a tradition for Bigstep to be close to BDW, helping us grow from a community events group to a global festival of data. How do you maintain your competitivity on the cloud market? You seem to be one step ahead of even the biggest companies. What are your secrets? It is true that everybody is in a fierce race to provide developers and companies with the easiest, cheapest and fastest possible environment to run their applications. […] Continue Reading

Why Organizing Your Big Data is Important

Guest post by Finnegan Pierson. Big data takes into account all of the many things that need to be measured or monitored, and many organizations find it hard to manage such massive data. Additionally, the amount of data being captured, replicated, or stored is way too high, and measures should be in place to ensure that everything doesn’t blow out of proportion. It’s therefore important for organizations to come up with creative approaches that can corral and optimize their data. A lot of organizations also think that they can do away with big data by discarding the always increasing amount of storage. They would even go ahead and buy additional storage capacity every year that can only result in inflated costs […] Continue Reading

Managing the Internet of Things – Interview with Matthias Schorer, VMware

This blog post is part of the Big Data Week Speaker interviews series.  In this article, Matthias Schorer, Leader Business Development Manager, IoT at VMware, shares his thoughts on the impact of big data in business, the AI revolution and how to manage the Internet of Things. There’s a lot of improvement to be expected from a city going smart and everything else the IoT entails. However, concerns may be raised that complete automation leaves systems vulnerable to cyber-attacks. What can you tell us about fail-safe methods and security measures that would earn the trust of the skeptical? It is a misconception that gathering information makes systems more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The gathering of data itself isn’t the problem, but the inherently unsafe IoT […] Continue Reading

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