One Incredible Big Data Week and One Incredible Conference – Are You Ready?

November 25th, London Big Data Week Conference – the upcoming conference that talks about the way data should drive insights and innovation in retail, advertising, publishing, IoT, gaming.

Today we kicked off Big Data Week in London and, on November 25th, we are getting together for our conference ”Big Data in Use”. We will have 1 business track, 1 tech track, several breakout sessions and 32 speakers on stage – with some incredible cases, topics, projects – we are so proud of all of them and so happy that they have taken the time to be with us and share their experiences. What to expect from our amazing speakers and topics:

Incredible Keynotes:

– Challenging the status quo of data market (Ioana Hreninciuc, Commercial Director @ Bigstep)
– The Ethics of Big Data ( Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor @The Economist)
– How to combine IoT, Data and Value altogether (Jim Anning, Head of Data and Analytics @ British Gas Connected Homes)
– The real impact of Big Data: be relevant or be redundant (Ronald van Loon, Big Data Global Influencer & Director @ Adversitement)


How to best monetize or value your data:

– Personalized Advertising based on mobile data (Nick Horhthorn, Commercial Director @ Telefonica Dynamic Insights & Mick Ridley, Head of Data and Technology @ Exterion Media)
– Apply Machine Learning on your data for best insights (Yandex Data Factory’s CEO Jane Zavalishina)
– Create Customer Centric Products using Big Data (Kriti Sharma, Global Head of Product, Real-time Big Data Analytics @ Barclays)

Provocative questions and debates:

– You’ve got insights, now what ( Tableau’s one and only Andy Cotgreave, Visual Analytics Expert)
– How to become an efficient data scientist workshop, with the 3 incredibles Marc Warner, CEO @ The ASI, Greg Lever, Senior Data Scientist @ Stylect, Mike Bugembe, Chief Analytics Officer @ JustGiving

Something also for the publishing industry and the best title in our agenda:

– From Wheelbarrows to Macbeth – Behavior Modeling for Publishers by Martin Goodson, VP Data Science @ Skimlinks and Emma Martin, Commercial Data Manager @ ESI Media

Analysts talks, models, opinions, solutions:

– Multi – touch attribution marketing problem explained by Dr Abigail Lebrecht, Principal Analyst @ USwitch
– Getting Deeper Insights from Risk OnDemand data, Dennar Toraskar, ThinkReactive
– Data Models for Retailers, ShopDirect’s Matthew Doubleday, Head of Data Science
– Beautiful A/B testing with Prezi’s Director of Data Analytics, Marton Trencseni
– Big Data and Data Science with one of the top UK data influencers & Head Of Data Science and Technology @ BP Trading, Charles Cai

Smart Cities and all the amazing things IoT can do:

– Copenhagen City Data Exchange (Peter Bjorn Larsen, Hitachi Consulting)
– Changing the Energy market through Big Data ( Erik Nygard, Limejump)
– combination of IoT and retail? Something amazing will happen predicts Alan Grogan, Partner @ Atos and one of Top 50 UK Influential Data People

How can Retail take the best of Big Data:

Shop Direct’s Head of Group Analytics: Chandan Rajah, Dunnhumby’s Senior Data Consultant John Abbey and Newcomer DemandFrinder’s Founder Simon Monk will get together to show exactly what retail does and could do with Big Data. From small to big company, data is what powers retail and we’ve got the best people to tell us about this.

Open architectures, cloud, data lakes

– a must for 2016 – Big Data apps and services will boom only when platforms and services can be easy integrated and cloud will support easy deployments. Excelian Consulting CTO Neil Avery, Bigstep’s Head of Product Management Alex Bordei and Betfair’s Head of Data Architecture Keyur Mehta will talk about all the technological things that drive and ease the Big Data services deployment and rollout.

Fantasy, football and Big Data?

– Big Data,Sports and Game, a Fusional Triptych – Valery Bollier, Co-Founder and CEO @ Oulala Games

Se all our speakers here and see you all soon in our amazing event.

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