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One Incredible Big Data Week and One Incredible Conference – Are You Ready?

November 25th, London Big Data Week Conference – the upcoming conference that talks about the way data should drive insights and innovation in retail, advertising, publishing, IoT, gaming. Today we kicked off Big Data Week in London and, on November 25th, we are getting together for our conference ”Big Data in Use”. We will have 1 business track, 1 tech track, several breakout sessions and 32 speakers on stage – with some incredible cases, topics, projects – we are so proud of all of them and so happy that they have taken the time to be with us and share their experiences. What to expect from our amazing speakers and topics:

Big Data Week Thanks All City Partners and Sponsors for Making It Happen!

November 23 – 28 Big Data Week ready to start – cities and sponsors, thank you! Big Data Week starts next week, and runs through November 23 – 28 – it will be a week filled with amazing events from all over the world, and an anchor conference in London taking place on November 25! First, let’s talk a bit about Big Data Week history: the first edition took place 4 years ago and along the years gathered an amazing international community, more then 500 events and close to 80 000 participants from all around the world. This year’s Big Data Week opens up on November 23 and brings together some amazing cities and sponsors – all of them making […] Continue Reading

A Small Island in a World of Big Data

Guest Blog – Paula McLeod, Statistician, Saint Helena Government As a small island in a world of big data it is natural to try to compare our outputs with those of larger organisations and find ourselves lacking. We need to get past this and celebrate the immense value of the information we hold and the positive impact it has on those that it represents. We also need to recognise the value of support and advice from the wider data community.

People Don’t Want Data – They Want Answers

Big data? Big deal. The problem for data geeks like us is that we are interested in the data itself. But for the rest of the world, it’s not data they want – it is answers to important questions. How can I sell more of my products? What will influence buyer behaviour? Or if you are working in public policy: what public services do citizens need? How can we improve the efficiency of this hospital? Data in itself doesn’t provide answers. For that we need analysis. And that’s where we, at the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), come in. Our strapline is Data | Evidence | Decisions. We’re interested in converting the raw data into something that is useful ultimately to […] Continue Reading

How to Become an Effective Data Scientist

One of the most scouted jobs lately is the Data Scientist one. But what does actually anyone need in order to become a data scientist and what tools does it need in order to become an efficient one? In Big Data Week conference we will bring on stage The ASI –  company that over the past years trained over 100 data scientists and engineers – to tell us how they see the path of becoming a data scientist, what a data scientist does and what does it take to become an efficient one. On stage with The ASI’s CEO Marc Warner will be Greg Lever, Senior Data Scientist @ Stylect and Mike Bugembe, Chief Analytics Officer @ JustGiving. Answers come […] Continue Reading

After Insight: What to Do With What You Learn From Big Data

Most of the talk surrounding big data involves how to derive insight from all that analytics. But then what? What does it take to turn that analytical insight into value to drive and benefit the organization? Here’s what you need to do after the data analysis is complete. Make Sure the Organization is Prepared to Make Changes   Unfortunately, the results of data analytics sometimes indicate that you need to change directions. Are you ready to make the changes? Sometimes, data can yield insight that the organization doesn’t really want to hear. It might mean that you’re doing something wrong or need to do something else that you haven’t been doing. Unless the departments and employees are on board with […] Continue Reading

Why attend Big Data Week conference “Big Data in Use”?

“Big Data in Use” conference brings together analytics & data executives and data scientists working in retail, e-Commerce & consumer goods, media, publishing, advertising, offering unique insights into the data innovations and new data business models that are driving these industries. Come and socialize with 350+ business and techie people. The conference will help: Business drivers understand & utilize data driven strategies and discover how their business could benefit from data; Data analysts share and discover industry related new examples; Business intelligence/ data warehouse professionals tap into what data analytics through “Data Analysts Workshop”. In the conference we will present: 1. New & innovative business models Honest Caffe case (brought by EBI Solutions): an unmanned cafe chain that shows how […] Continue Reading

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