Big Data Week Bucharest

Interview with Ovidiu Sutac, EPAM Romania

Technology has brought a lot of opportunities and reports on global expansion opportunities for the tech industry are placing Romania among the 30 most favorable markets for US and UK tech firms, based on a wide range of factors. We sat down with Ovidiu Sutac, Director, Country Head EPAM Romania — who brings over 25 years of experience in the IT and software development field to his role — to hear about the Romanian journey of the company, the challenges, opportunities, and plans for 2022, as well as how they’re adapting their strategy to the “new normal” of business ecosystems. EPAM is a new name in the local tech landscape. Tell us more, who is EPAM, what is your DNA? […] Continue Reading

Care este impactul datelor asupra provocarilor cu care ne confruntam zi de zi si cum le folosim pentru o mai buna optimizare?

Traim intr-o era in care totul se schimba foarte rapid, iar volumul de date creste exponential de la un moment la altul. Numarul de accesari al unei aplicatii poate diferi de la o secunda la alta, iar pentru ca utilizatorul sa nu resimta nicio problema de performanta sau sa intampine erori, trebuie prevazute toate schimbarile si actionat corectiv pentru ca ele sa fie prevenite. “Este dovedit faptul ca situatiile de acest tip ca si multe alte probleme de business pot fi imbunatatite substantial prin decizii bazate pe date folosind tehnologiile Big Data impreuna cu algoritmi de Data Science. Toate aceste procese pot fi automatizate iar deciziile bazate pe rezultatele algoritmilor vor avea un timp de reactie cat mai rapid fara interventie […] Continue Reading

10 Reasons to Attend Big Data Week Bucharest 2021

Why was Sherlock Holmes better than other detectives? What made him unique? How did Arthur Conan Doyle manage to write this truly spectacular character? “Data! Data Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!” [Sherlock Holmes] If we think about it, Sherlock Holmes saw information where no other detectives did. He looked at every small detail in clients’ stories, at every little bit of information, and at every possible hint, from a missing button to a smudge of mud on the victim’s pants. He tried to collect as much relevant data that could make him ultimately crack the case, and all pieces of data contained information for him. He also asked the correct questions in order to get to the information […] Continue Reading

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