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Big Data Week 2015

Data Visualization Is Mission Critical in Terms of Communicating Effectively to Your Audience

Make no mistake: the world is based on data, we’re just living in it. According to Forbes, data volumes are absolutely exploding – in the past two years alone, more data was created than in all of the previous years that make up human history combined. As soon as 2020, there will be roughly 1.7 megabytes of new data created for every single person living on Earth every second! This is due largely to the fact that nearly everything you buy is now connected to the Internet – from that big new smart TV to your toaster to your thermostat and everything in between. Everything is connected, creating and sharing data between them, in an effort to make your life […] Continue Reading

Share your experience in Leeds @ Big Data Week!

Leeds, the capital of the North, is joining London, Chicago, Barcelona, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta and Rio de Janeiro as a host city for Big Data Week 2016 – the Global Festival of Data. Since they do things differently up north, they’re giving it a personal touch, hosting events across the city, working with academics, businesses, associations, and others to offer new ways to explore data and the power it has to bring about transformation. They do not rely on fame, nor formalize when it comes to holding a presentation. Big Data Week Leeds focuses on the improvements to our lives that smart data analysis and analysts can bring. They want everyone to join in and they […] Continue Reading

Data Lake and the Rise of the Microservices – Alex Bordei, Bigstep

Working on the first Data-Lake-as-a-Service in the world gave us the perspective of how Data Lakes enable companies to understand correlations between existing and new external data in ways traditional BI tools cannot. The rise of Docker & containerized microservices has paved the way for significantly faster deployment, less overhead, easier migration & faster performance for big data apps.

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Behaviour Modelling for Publishers – Martin Goodson, Skimlinks & Emma Martin, ESI Media

Publishers’ content can be a rich source of data on users’ interests, brand affinity and purchase intent. When users interact with articles about products and brands, they generate click, page impression and conversion data. Analyzed correctly, such behavioural signals can help us to predict their future shopping behavior.

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Creating Value from Mobile Phone Data – Nick Henthorn, Telefonica Dynamic Insights & Mick Ridley, Exterion Media

A joint presentation using a real case study to demonstrate how Telefonica’s mobile phone data can be used to derive insights, specifically featuring how Exterion Media  intend to tailor advertising campaigns based on unique audience insights, changing the way that OOH advertising is bought, sold and optimized.

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